Nikki Brown, born and raised in Mooresville, NC. She comes from a very large, close-knit family. Nikki is married and has 2 beautiful children. Her passion for writing began several years ago with writing poetry and pouring her heart into her poetry notebook. She has always had an extreme love for urban fiction which planted the seed for composing her very own series.



Tay Mo’Nae is a 23 year old college student born and raised in Elyria, Ohio. Her pen name actually comes from her actual name Taylor Mone, Tay Mo’Nae has her Associates in Business Management and is currently getting her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and Criminology. She has been signed to Team Supreme since Aug. 10, 2017. Tay Mo’Nae has always enjoyed writing she was always told by her teachers and friends, when she was younger, she had a gift for it and should pursue it later in life. She always used writing as a stress reliever or as something to take her mind off things. When she suddenly started posting short stories in Facebook groups, she was told, once again, she should pursue writing. Since then her writing career has taken off and she only hopes it continues to grow. Tay Mo’Nae is the middle child and comes from a single mother house. When she’s not writing she is reading. Since the age of 11 Tay Mo’Nae has been an avid reader and has had dreams of possibly being as big as the authors she loves to read.  She also enjoys baking and shopping in her spare time as well. Tay Mo’Nae’s main goal is to continue making her books as good as the previous one and eventually venture out to other genres, contemporary and mysteries.



Ro Monique was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She is a mother of two beautiful boys who she loves and adores. Her passion for reading began at a very early age and wrote her first book in the third grade. After relocating to Atlanta, Georgia in 2010 she settled into her new city and new life but her passion for writing continued to brew under the surface.


In South Michigan born and raised, in the house writing is where Heiress spent most of her days. Being creative by writing and drawing was so cool. That was all she did outside of school. When she decided that chasing her dreams would be good. She got accepted to Alabama state university and was the first to go to college in her family and her neighborhood. She partied like a rock star so she was discouraged and scared. Luckily she never gave up, she had hope which was a breath of fresh air.

She got married and had a beautiful baby and when the time was near. She started back writing and saw an author when she looked in the mirror. Her creativity, aspirations and writing style was so rare. She couldn’t run away from her calling even if she was dared. At twenty three years old, pursuing your dreams is never too late. She yelled to her doubters and haters, “Bye bye see you later.” She looked at they sky and smiled at God; she was finally there. To sit on her throne as Author Heiress.


Kaylyn Kiara was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA and is the youngest of three girls. Her mother described her as a creative child with a wild and vivid imagination which now pays off in her writing. She graduated from THE Norfolk State University with a degree in Health Services Administration. She is the proud mother of a charismatic toddler.

Kaylyn Kiara has always had a special place in her heart for reading but after reading Omar Tyree’s “Fly Girl” she became interested in writing. She began writing her own fictional stories in 8th grade which unbeknownst to her paved the way for her to sign with Supreme Works Publications years later. Kaylyn Kiara continued to write as a hobby throughout high school and college. She never shared her gift with those around her never believing that she could become a published author. However with the love and support of a few friends and her fiancé she decided to step out on faith and submitted a sample to her debut series Carter and Bria: Love and Loyalty to Supreme Works Publications.


Mia (M.L. Bash) is a 20 year old from southern Louisiana. Her passion for writing started in the third grade with short poems and developed in to 200 page short stories written on the front and back of loose leaf pieces of paper by the time she entered middle school. Writing has always been something she has wanted to pursue but never thought that she could excel at. She always shared her writing with her close friends and after much encouragement decided that she would share it with everyone else as well. She is continuously attempting to advance her craft and is her own worse critic. She sometimes write full novels just to reread and trash them later which is something she is currently working on and she is forever thankful for the friends and family that remain her support system.


Tiffani is a 29 year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend who has had a passion for writing since the age of 7. After the tragic passing of her mother at age 9, Tiffani’s passion for writing grew and she began to write poems, short stories, novels, and free styles. Reading and writing had become her outlet and her place of refuge from the obstacles life had placed in front of her. Tiffani hopes her writing will be a place of refuge for her readers as Sister Souljah, Omar Tyree, and Eric Jerome Dickey were for her. Tiffani ‘s Pen name is Taylor B so gather around she’s got a story to tell.


Belleza world revolved around her career and raising her daughter to be the better version of herself. Realizing that she was pushing her child to go above and beyond and not her self, she decided to reunite with her first love, Writing. Since middle school she have been reading and writing stories, but never followed through with the idea of being an author. After sharing her work with close friends she decided to take that leap of faith and share her talent with the world.


Ashley Marie, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia knew that journalism would be her career from the very start. With a God given talent of being able to reach the world through her creative word decided to step out on faith in 2015 as a full time writer.

The road to success has been full of memorable experience, some great, some not so great, yet all coming together to make her the author that she is today. With previously published works available on Amazon, Ashley Marie is building her brand as a dope writer and can’t wait to tease your senses with her witty humor, great story lines, and well though out works of art… enjoy the escape


Shanyce is a 21 year old from Georgia. She began writing at the age of 12. She would often write stories about her friends and how she imagined their lives to be in the future. As she matured she began to write poems of the things that she had endured or experienced first hand. It wasn’t until she reached a dark place in her life that she realized the only thing that brought her joy was  writing. That is the moment she birthed her first book; “ Ridin’ Til the End: Jaheem & Felicity”.


Britnee Renae is a 27 year old hairstylist who live in Gastonia Nc. She’s an avid reader who had been reading since the age of 13. Getting the niche to write came from reading all her favorite authors this is her first book with hopefully many more to come. Renae has a creative mind, that she is excited about sharing with the world, through her writing. She hopes that you will get to know and love the characters, as she brings them to life in a way that only she can.

Jaii Lynn

Ja’Lai also known as Jaii Lynn is a 26 year old from Kansas City, Missouri. Jaii is a mother of 1 and holds an occupation as a Insurance Underwriter as well as New Author. Jaii started as an avid reader at the age of 13 and turned her passion for reading into writing recently. Writing has always been a passion of hers that she recently decided to craft and perfect.  She has debuted her first published work under Supreme Works Publications. 


Denica (pen name D.Nika)  is a 36 year old urban fiction author. She is married with 2 beautiful kids and 2 wonderful step kids. She was born and raised in Chicago, IL on the rough South side before relocating to Atlanta Ga. She is a Lupus warrior and a stay at home mom. Although she was diagnosed with an ugly autoimmune illness, she never let it stop her. She has been an avid reader since the age of 13. She has always wanted to try her hand in writing as it was always a passion of hers.

Through much encouragement from her husband, she fought through the fear and became a published author under Supreme Works Publication. Her first book was released in October 2017. She looks forward to releasing more books for you to enjoy. Be on the lookout for the greatness that’s coming your way.

Hershe Wrights

Authoress Hershé Wrights was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. At an early age, she was exposed to a traumatic life altering experience which ultimately shaped her into the woman that she is today. A master at masking her depression from society, Authoress Hershé Wrights desperately craved for a way to escape her reality. As a young child her mother initially sparked her interest in reading and from that point forward you couldn’t catch her without a book in her hands. Eventually her love for reading ran so deep that it caused her to want to create her own happy ending. With some encouragement and support from her friends and family, she picked up the pen and fell in love. After battling depression for several years, she now uses writing as a healing tool. Writing fuels her soul as she allows the pen to release her pain.


Caprice was born and raised in Philadelphia, her love for writing begun in the sixth grade and continued in high school where she wrote novels and shared them with her schoolmates. She won the NAACP contest in ninth grade for a short story she wrote titled “Why Me?” in her free time she enjoys cooking and listening to music. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband and kids where she continues her passion for writing.

Quanna La’Shae

Quanna Lashae was born and raised in a small town in Virginia, where the success rate of young black people was very low. She found a love of reading and writing at an early age when she went through different challenges she had to face alone, including bullying. She wrote her first story at the age of 10, and read different books each week. After relocating to another state alone, starting life, and having her first child, she lost her way for reading and writing but still enjoyed it. After dealing with many of life’s challenges, she began to write again to take away the stress. She wrote her first book The Power of Our Love, and submitted it to a publisher who gave her hope and accepted her work. She is working on more upcoming series and plans to be a voice for many of her readers, who go through life’s obstacles. If you would like to follow her other page to stay up to date with her books faster, you can find her on Facebook as Quanna Lashae, or follow her on Instagram at authorquanna_

Keila Rowe

Keila Rowe, born and raised in Muskegon Michigan, the middle child of three. She’s the mother of one boy who’s one year old who she loves and adores so much. Reading had always been a hobby for her, even found a passion in writing essays in high school but not once did she think about writing a book until her early teenage years. In high school she decided to write her first short story and won first place. That’s when she began reading urban fiction and then decided to take a chance in creating her first story.

There were times she felt like giving up because of the circumstances she was encountering but God had other plans and continued her dream. Giving up has never been an option for her which is why she’s still striving for greatness. Her plans are to move forward with her writing career and become successful.



Born and Raised in Charlotte, NC. The middle child of 3. I’ve always had a passion for reading since I was in Middle school. My very first book that started me off that I believe may have started everyone off was the Coldest winter ever. After that I was picking up any urban fiction book I could find…


Samantha Alexander (Malia Lane) is 24 years old. She was born and raised in a small town of Gastonia, North Carolina. She began reading books for leisure at a young age. It all started out from watching her mother and older sister walk around with books glued in their hands at any given time. She just wanted to do what they were doing. The moment that ignited the fire under her pen was when her sister hid a book from her because she claimed she was “too young” to read it. The book was True to the Game by Teri Woods. It was the first book that made her fall in love with written content. From there on she was hooked.


Karissa Raiyne is a 26 year old mother of 4. Born and raised in Greenville SC she has always had a passion for reading. In her sophomore year of high school, she started writing and has been letting her creativity flow since then. One Instagram post and a 7 book series later and Karissa was ready to take her passion for reading and writing to new levels. She hopes to provide an amazing journey full of laughs, tears, and undeniable love.

Gigi Williams

Regina is from Pittsburgh, PA where she currently resides with her two children. She works in Healthcare and is pursuing a bachelors degree in Healthcare Informatics. Reading was her escape from a rough childhood. She often wrote short stories that depicted her wild imagination.

Regina took a creative writing class in high school and expanded her literary skills by reading classic urban fiction authors and James Patterson. Regina signed with Supreme Works in March of 2017 to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a published writer.  

Sierra Jones

Sierra Jones also known as Cee is a 21 year old college student that attends Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville Virginia. She started writing after her mother passed and has taken it up as more then a hobby. Sierra has always had a way with words and saw writing as he calling and as way to express herself.

KA’C Lanier

Ka’C is a 29 year old native of Greensboro, NC. She is the mother of two. She has always used writing poetry as a way to relieve stress and to get out of her own head. At a young age she was inspired by Flyy Girl and The Coldest Winter Ever to try and do it herself. A turn of events caused that dream to be short lived. Luckily the writing bug bit her again and she picked up the pen again. She recently signed her first contract with Supreme Works Publications under KC Mills. To keep up with what she has going on follow her on Facebook: KC Lanier and IG: itzsokc.


Meet Leonna Rucker she is a 21 year old author and student. She used to write all the time in high school, but she didn’t take her writing seriously until after she graduated. She majors in Associate of Arts- Liberal Arts writing. She is she when you first meet her, but very outgoing when people get to know her. During her free time she likes to go out shopping or hangout with friends.

Bri Deshai

My name Bria Madge, but my pen name is Bri Deshai. I’m twenty two years old and I’m from Kansas City Missouri. I first started writing when I was fifteen years old. I used to sneak and read some of my auntie’s Zane books that she tried to hide from me. When she passed away I decided to share my work with others in hopes that I can inspire other Authors to share there dreams. As I continue to grow as an Author, I hope to become a household name and never forget where I came from.


Tyrasha, a New Orleans native began her writing journey at the age of 11. Where she wrote her first poem in the hopes of one day becoming a published author. Amongst urban fiction. She writes poetry and romance novels and enjoys reading daily.
Tyrasha has several projects in the works and is just beginning to make her mark in the literary world.

Shona Nesmith

This is Miss Shona Nesmith, who resides in a small country town called Baxley, Ga. There she is raising fives kids on her own and is doing what it takes to keep them happy. She is a Libra who is 34 years of age and ever since she could remember she has always been a big fan of reading. Her passion for reading became so great that she made up in her mind that she wanted to be heard in the author world and make a name for herself. Thanks to the lovely Mrs. K.C. Mills who believes in her craft and decided to take a chance on her. Get ready to read some heat because the fire she has in her desire to write is gonna help her break them charts.

K. Renee

Karen Robinson (K.Renee), was born and raised in a small town Jackson, SC (New Ellenton, SC). She is part owner of her Hair ext, and Mink lash line Lavish Beauties. Karen relocated to Philadelphia where she raised her children and later met, and married her husband Lance. She is a new grandmother to her pride and joy, her grandson King. Karen has a very close relationship with her parents, family, and even closer relationship with her sister’s Tara, Tyneesha, and Denise. She has always been an avid reader of Urban Literature, and decided to try her hand in writing. Karen recently signed with Supreme Works Publications, and is looking forward to putting out work that will captivate the minds of her readers. Becoming a published writer has been a dream come true.

Erica Coleman

Erica Coleman lives in San Antonio, Texas with her three kids.  While working full time as administrative assistant and raising her kids, Erica chose to embrace her creative side and attempted to be an author. Realizing that was not the direction for her, Erica chose to use her creativity to help other authors brand themselves.

Test reading books, writing synopses, and creating branding material for growing authors is Erica escape from reality. Thinking of new ways to assist authors in branding themselves is Erica’s way of contributing to the literary world.

Sidni B

Simply put, Sidni B is just a small time girl from Chesapeake, Virginia with big dreams and an even bigger imagination that could never allow her to settle for the boring life of working a 9-5 until retiring. Becoming a published author as always the end goal, but it’s not where the imagination train ends. Upon graduating Regent University with a bachelors in English, the next step is to pursue a Master’s degree in script and screenplay, and hopefully take these talents to the big screen.

Amber Meeks

Amber Meeks was born and raised in Detroit, MI. She is an only child on her mother’s side and has a sister on her father’s side. Amber’s love for books and writing was discovered at an early age, when her grandmother used to make her read and write a report on what she’d read. Although she hated it then, it prepared her for her future. At the age of 12 she started to read Christian urban fiction and other urban fiction books. She realized that reading urban fiction as well as fiction in general took her to another place. In middle and high school she wrote short stories for her friends to read, and quickly found that writing is her passion. She always told herself that one day she’d write books for a living after reading the Bitch series by Deja King and The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. It took several years before Amber finally made a move to make her dream come true and she couldn’t be happier to share her work with the world.

You can follow Amber on these social media platforms: Facebook (Amber Meeks), Twitter (@___Amb) 3 underscores, Instagram (@____Amb) 4 underscores and/or (@author__amber) 2 underscores, and Snapchat (amb.v19).

Chey Butta

Chey Butta serial entrepreneur who was born in Jamaica and raised in Florida. Chey started writing as a child and has mastered her skills over the years. Her love for novels started when she was first exposed to books written by Teri Woods and Sister Souljah. Chey has worked in various jobs but has never felt fulfilled and used writing as a means of escape. Not only did she enjoy writing but it also proved therapeutic. While being a stay at home mom to her three children, Chey completed her first urban fiction novel. She and her family resides in Pembroke Pines Florida.

Alicia Danielle

Alicia Rogers, born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. She enjoys being a great mother to her very active two year old son. Alicia’s interest in Uban fiction developed one day when she decided to read the genre and from that very start, she was hooked on it. 
The more she read urban Fiction, the more she told herself that she could use her passion for writing in a way that would be entertaining to others to experience her talent of storytelling. That is when Alicia decided to place her fears to the side and send in her submission to Supremeworks Publication. It was one of the best decisions of her life, and she’s trilled to share her talent with the world.

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