I Love You, But I Don’t Wanna Cuff You 2


Cease is upset.
He never thought that Lola would leave him alone no matter how bad he treated her or how many times he told her that he would never cuff her, but she did and he’s not having it. If he couldn’t have her than no one would. Cease was never the type to not get what he wanted and it wasn’t going to start now.
Lola would die before she would ever deny him from what he wanted.
Lola had now found a man who treated her the way that she always wanted Cease to treat her, and it’s even better than what she imagined.
She’s truly happy except for one thing, Cease won’t leave her alone and she’s pretty sure that she’s pregnant with his child.
Rohan is a gentlemen and perfect in her eyes, the only thing is that he is hiding a secret from her as well.
But is it bad enough to prevent them from having a life together?
Monique and Ryan have a love/hate relationship, but they are with who they know they should be with and that’s each other.
Monique gave up stripping for Ryan but playing house has become boring for her and when she receives a call for an amazing opportunity that could put her boredom to ease she takes it not thinking of the consequences that she could face in her relationship.
Kesa and Marcus are just vibing out an enjoying the time they are able to share together. After the shooting she moved in with him unexpectedly, but things are coming together nicely.
These three friends are finally able to enjoy life together and the men that have come across. There’s going to be some ups and downs but hopefully they’ll all be able to make it out alive.



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