In Love With A Cold Hearted Goon 2


Savannah is finally beginning to pick up the pieces of her life; anything is possible after kicking Hassan to the curb where he belongs. With the help of her grandmother’s life insurance money, Savannah is able to start over again with her own place and career venture, sure enough to bring in the money. All thanks to her drive and determination to make up for lost time serving that prison sentence for Hassan.
But Hassan isn’t willing to let Savannah be at peace for long, even though he knows that she is happy with her new man Darkanian. Hassan will stop at no length to get Savannah to be all his again. Even if that means taking out people close to her just to get by her side again.
Will Savannah fall right back under Hassan’s malicious attempts to make her his woman again? Or is enough finally enough for this troubled young couple?



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