Meek & Toya: Loved By A Boss


Meek’s feelings for Toya have been strong since day one and he knows she feels the same way. Something is holding Toya back from Meek and until she is ready to be truthful all he can do is play the background and be supportive. When tragedy strikes and Toya almost loses her life, Meek knows he must step in. Will Toya allow Meek to help her or will fear cause her to push him away?

Love isn’t supposed to hurt but Toya’s boyfriend missed that memo. The constant threats, emotional and physical violence that Toya is forced to endure is becoming too much for her. She knows she needs to leave but can’t risk the ones closest to her from being hurt over her choices? When Toya finds herself in a life or death situation, what will she do?

There are so many obstacles preventing Meek and Toya from being together. Lurkers are watching and doing whatever possible to keep them apart even if it means death. Will these two finally end up together or will one of them have to give the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love?



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