Pretty Girls Fall For Dope Boys Too 2


Egypt has faced the ultimate betrayal: being set up. He finds himself in a race against the clock as he tries to figure out who’s after him before it’s too late. Unfortunately for him though being arrested is the least of his issues. With a rocky relationship with Rhylan, dealing with her overprotective father, a crazy ex still in the mix and his family’s skeletons falling out of the closet, Egypt has to figure out who he can trust and how exactly he should run the empire his grandfather wants to leave him… if he can even prove that he’s fit to lead that is.

Rhylan is still pursuing her modeling career and along the way attempting to find her voice. She spent her entire life bending to the will of the people she loved the most, but she’s quickly learning just how important standing up for yourself is, especially when dealing with a man like Egypt. Her newfound voice comes with a price though- the comfort of her father and Rhylan is quickly torn between two of the men she loves the most.

Bloom and Elle are still trying to figure things out. Bloom’s job as Egypt’s right hand man quickly becomes a vigorous never wavering task, driving a wedge further between the couple but women like Elle are hard to give up on and she’s got Bloom wrapped around her finger. Unfortunately for him however, being what he thinks a good man is and dealing with all of Egypt’s burdens as well as the burdens of his father may just be not only his undoing but the undoing of his relationship.



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