Ridin For A Savage 2


Faced with the consequences of her actions, Raquel finds herself in a situation that might alter the course of her life altogether. On top of her legal issues, she’s forced to watch another woman parade around with the man she loves. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, an expected situation forces her and Brehon back together again. Can they get it right, or will Brehon stick to his decision to ride off into the sunset with Mihairi?
After witnessing Zion’s horrible accident, Kendall’s life continues on a decline. Feeling more alone than ever, she has no choice but to turn to the people she fears the most, her sisters, and pray that they’ll accept her.
After a run-in with his old boss, Brehon is feeling more pressure than ever to clear the debt he owes. His refusal to turn back to the streets pushes him into a world he had no desire to join, but Raqi’s predicament may have him reverting back to his old ways to fix it.
His near death experience puts Zion in the headspace to push everyone away from him, Kendall included. Will he continue to let his past with his ex destroy his life, or will he pull it together in time enough to fix what he broke before losing it forever.
Follow this crew one final time as Raqi and Kendall find out that it ain’t easy riding for a savage.



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