Shorty Got Me In My Feelings 2: Chiyao & Ceazia


Ceazia can’t catch a break. Not only does her ex-boyfriend Lance brutally assault her, Chiyao then watches him leave her house and mistakes it for a hook-up and says some pretty bad words before leaving her in tears.
Although they’re able to get past it, she now finds out that Chiyao’s ex-girlfriend is an internet thug and trying her best to ruin Ceazia’s career.
Then BOOM! Someone attempts to take her life.
Blair knows that Rai has done something bad that could take Cassium’s freedom away for good just as she’s fallen for him and it seems that he’s finally feeling the same way about her.
She’s determined to do whatever she has to do to get him out of jail and hopefully not betray the only friend she’s had the last ten years.
Chiyao is dealing with his new girlfriend being injured, his ex-girlfriend harassing him and her, then he may possibly have a baby on the way with someone that he shouldn’t even had been messing with in the first place.
When he finds out his best friend has been locked up he’s willing to put up whatever he has to, to get him out before he goes to prison.
But when his mother is hurt all bets are off and whoever is responsible for this is going to pay with their life.
Rai is sitting pretty with her new body and not a care in the world. Whoever thought they could get over on her and live a perfect life had it all messed up!
Not that anyone was doing anything to her directly, but she didn’t like what was going on around her, so if she wasn’t happy, no one was going to be happy.
It didn’t matter that she was in a relationship with someone that adored her and treasured the ground she walked on. It didn’t matter that her best friend was talking to the guy that she had been crushing on for years and now it looked like they were finally getting it together. And most importantly, Chiyao would never be happy with another woman if it wasn’t her. As long as she lived she would make sure of that.
This was Rai’s world and everyone around or near her was going to follow her rules or get dealt with at any cost.



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