Trap 4 Lyfe 2: Down To Ride For A Compton Menace


Cyn never imagined having to stare down the barrel of a gun that was being held by her loving husband, Terran, but here she was. Having to face the betrayal of her best friend Nikki, and now Terran might be too much for Cyn to bear but is her love for the both of them worth the fight and the headache that they are about to bring?
Cyn and Jamal’s faith will be tested when a situation causes a drastic change in their lives, but will they be able to survive the outcome. There is only so much a person can take until they are ready to blow, but things will only get worse for Cyn and her marriage when her ex Smooth is released from prison.
Smooth is determined to get his woman back by any means necessary, even if that means stepping on a few toes. Terran is not happy by his homecoming and does something that he can’t not take back. Will they be able to come back and repair their marriage from all of the betrayal, or will this be the end of Kash and Money?



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