Trap Kings Fall In Love Too 2


After Unity finally finds out the secret that Reapa was trying to keep hidden from her, she sees the real reason why they called him Reapa quickly deciding that it was too much for her to bear. When he realized just how deep of a hold that she had on his heart it was too late. Life was hitting Nix harder than a brick wall. One disastrous thing after another had her life feeling as if it was a domino effect. Harper is still causing problems in Kase’s life as well as new ones on the horizon from her brother Axel. When Kase finally feels as if he has a hold on the situation, she hits him with the shock of the century leaving everyone speechless. Will the boys be able to get their women back or have they lost them forever? Exactly what has Harper been hiding from Kase? Find out in the finale of Trap Kings Fall In Love Too.