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Just Say You Will


Kenyon Porter seemingly has it all; money, power, status, and respect. However, having it all is a matter of opinion. Due to family baggage, Kenyon has lived his life in the fast lane, where money and status have allowed him to live without regret. What happens when a thunderous storm of expectations and need filters its way into his life and causes him to reconsider if he really does have it all.

The Streets Don’t Love You Like I Do


Trusting someone to wholeheartedly nourish your spirit, feed your soul and value your heart is always a possibility of winning or losing in the game of love. In the streets of Baltimore, fairytales and happy endings just doesn’t seem to exist. Childhood friends Apple and Saint friendship has blossomed into an undeniable bond and union of love despite living in the notorious city of drugs and violence. The fairytale that Apple thought that would easily come with Saint is proving not to be so easy to achieve

The Connect Captured My Soul


When Ice steps down and hands the throne over to Mack everyone already knows that things will be lead with an iron fist. Only being seen to members of The Ten, legend has it that Mack is ruthless, and doesn’t give second chances. If you see Mack, understand that the Grim Reaper has made an appearance. But what happens when Mack meets someone who could possibly knock them off their square. What happens when a drunk one night stand leads to thoughts of can one night lead to something permanent? With Mack distracted will enemies lurking be able to take Ice’s protégée down or will Mack prove to be everything the streets say he is.

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