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Rasaan & Wykia 3: In Love With A Dirty South Dope Boy


Just as Wykia gets past all the drama keeping her and Rasaan apart he’s involved in a hit-and-run leaving Wykia rendered unconscious. The thought of Rasaan being taken away from her stirs a sorrow deep in her soul she refuses to ignore. Thankful to be alive Rasaan, uses his time wisely and begins to see the people around him for who they really are. Will Rasaan be able to put the pieces to the puzzle together before it’s too late or will the anger fueling his reckless decisions tear his world apart?

Loving My West Coast Wild Boy


Trevor “Terror” Blackston is your typical next in line king pin, having all the woman he wants at his disposal he was living the dream that any man would want. He didn’t have a worry in this world if it wasn’t taking care of his daughter and running his business with any iron fist. What happens when he changes how he does things one time because a woman caught his eye?

The Streets Don’t Love You Like I Do 2


Bonds have been broken, loyalty has been tested, trust has been damaged and life has been lost. Everything that was once concrete is now in question. Nothing has remained the same in the streets of Baltimore as everyone knew it in the first installment of “The Streets Don’t Love You Like I Do.”

It’s Dangerous Loving A Real One


Desmond Hebron successfully made it way out of the hood to becoming a millionaire. Determined to give his family everything he never had he accepts a job offer from an old friend unleashing a world wind of secrets affecting everyone around him. When trouble ensues putting everyone Desmond loves in danger he enlists the help of Adonis and his team to keep them safe

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