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Too Hood For You


The handsome and complicated man known in the streets as Horatio “Heavy” Wright has always be a calculated thinker. It was required in order to survive in his world. Raised to be man that handled business at all times, Heavy is the type to always take care of his responsibilities, no matter how unplanned they are. The only question is can he split himself and his time equally so that no one thing or person gets neglected? Will he be able to juggle the new responsibilities that life is throwing his way without shorting those that matter the most in his world?

His Love Held Me Hostage 2


Nothing could have prepared Morgan for the storm that she was currently in but Gip was adamant about weathering it with her. Now that she’s carrying his second child, there is nothing that will stop him from making sure that she’s protected. Faced with a lengthy jail sentence, Morgan struggles to find the answers that she needs in order to clear her name but she’s not so sure that the answers are ones that she’s able to handle.

When A Hood Legend Claims It All : Amena & Wes


The crew is back and their love lives are just as crazy as it was before in the last four parts of When A Hood Legend Claims It All.

Amare and Corryn are preparing to tie the knot and it’s becoming harder for CoCo to hold things together. Stuck in a game of mental tug of war between her mother and father CoCo is forced to decide between keeping her mother happy or embracing the relationship she’s been deprived off most of her life.

The Cocaine Cartel 2


Raised in the game the Caine girls should be prepared for anything, but when life hits them hard from all directions, everything starts to spiral out of control.
Max is determined to make the city bleed until she gets the answers she needs. As her body count rises, so does her recklessness. There’s only one person that can calm her down and he’s no longer around.

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