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Addicted To His Crazy


Luni’s life is everything but normal. His mother’s overbearing ways leads him down the same path that killed his older brother, Chance. Creating his own lane, Luni teaches himself how to survive in the streets; taking his friends Munch and Nolan along for the ride. They’re older, but share Luni’s same mentality. When Luni’s actions finally catch up with him, he learns a different way to move. Instead of playing Checkers, he starts playing Chess.
Munch’s younger sister, Miyon isn’t the same little girl Luni remembers. She’s a single mother, doing everything she can to care for her son, Christian. Tackling his health issues becomes her number one priority, but after Luni reenters her life, old feelings return. The love-hate relationship they share is nothing compared to the secret she’s been holding for years. Revealing it will not only turn the lives of everyone she cares about upside down, but it just might end hers permanently.

Married To A Dirty South Dope Boy


After Cornell catches Diamond in a compromising situation he loses his cool and does the one thing he swore he would never do. Both embarrassed and heartbroken that Cornell would physically hurt her, she pushes him away and focuses on her growing relationship with Shawn. Diamond and Shawn’s relationship ended with him cheating, but now that Shawn is more mature and focused, he promises to give Diamond everything she wants and more. Stuck between choosing her drama, but passion filled past with Cornell and a promising love filled future with Shawn, Diamond is unsure who she really wants. Seeing Cornell moving forward with Bria fuels a string of impulsive decisions that send her spiraling down a life changing path. Will Diamond admit her mistakes and work things out with Cornell, or will she push her past aside and look forward to her future with Shawn?

Corporate Thugs Need Love Too


Love should never be chosen for you. Love should be natural and not forced.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Raquel aka Rocky Bridges. Born into the gang life, she had no choice but to follow certain rules. Being brought up around so much violence and illegal activity, she was the product of her environment. All she wanted was to be free of her father’s vicious ways, her boyfriend’s abusive behavior and the violence that surrounded her. She thought she would never get to escape until she met him.

Kaya & Cree 2: A Love So Forbidden


They say more money, more problems, and it’s true. With the money coming in heavy for Cree, he is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Everything is working perfectly on the business end, but his personal life is taking a toll on him. Unable to deny his ever growing feelings for Kaya, he continued to dip in the forbidden pot, while trying to hold together his relationship with the love of his life.

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