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Babygirl Got Me Losing My Composure


Devyn is living the life she’s always wanted, making music she loves and being every little girls role model… until she not only finds herself with a crazed fan on her tail but falling into the arms of the rugged and older, Phoenix who is a hood legacy with a demanding personality and award winning grin. With Phoenix comes his street life and for Devyn who is constantly living in the spotlight, the very man she finds herself drawn to could be the very thing that ruins her career.

When A Hood Legend Claims It All 2


Tensions are high and jealousy is in the air in the next installment of When a Hood Legend Claims It All!

Amare and Corryn just want to be happy and work on building their new relationship but with Pitt still in the background the couple can’t truly be happy. Amare is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Corryn even if it means a life must be lost. Will they survive the drama that Pitt is causing them? There’s another snake close to Corryn that she would have never expected, will she be able to catch the betrayal in time?

Saved By A Hitta’s Love 3


It’s four years later and its seems like things are spiraling out of control
The death of Ms. Tina brings Ameera and Flower back to the one place they planned to never spend time again and being there seems to have brought up old feelings they have tired to put away.
How will Ameera cope with seeing Saint after all this time, being newly engaged as well as finding out the man she knew to be her father isn’t?

Elevated By A Street God


Yamenah was a beautiful BBW who had insecurities like any other female. Except hers wasn’t about her looks but her weight. Not being used to guys being interested in her, she didn’t know when they were really interested or had ulterior motives. Her taking a chance knowing she shouldn’t have could cost her more than heartache

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Something About His Southern Hood Love 3


After everything that they have been through, Mason and Sonji just can’t catch a break. After labor and delivery sends her into a coma, Mason is left to take care of his baby on his own while trying to be present for Sonji. Mason doesn’t know the first thing about babies, but with help from his loved ones, he manages to keep things together, but everyone is starting to worry. Is Mason losing his grasp on reality as he sits and slowly dies waiting by Sonji’s side?

Trap 4 Lyfe 2: Down To Ride For A Pittsburgh Menace


Love can blind you to the obvious staring you right in the face. Angela will learn that the hard way in this fast-paced finale. She is shot and left for dead by those who set up Diego, now seek to end her. Angela will turn to family and a familiar old flame for loyalty and strength in the street game. She feels betrayed when Diego is not sympathetic to her tragedy and he rebuffs her at every turn. Angela seeks to take back the power stripped from her and does not care who is in the way.

A True Love Like Ours


Chante Wilson is living the best life she could possible live with her wonderful husband and two children at the age of Twenty-five. She has everything that she could ask for and that’s all because of her wonderful husband Rondo. Not having time for herself Chante is determine to make her husband happy and gives him everything that he wants. Thinking that she’s in a healthy marriage Chante thinks that she doesn’t have to worry about a thing, well that’s until she find out that her husband is cheating on her with a close friend. Not knowing if Chante will be able to get through this tough divorce she decides to confide in her best friend Ciara who took it upon herself to set Chante up with Milan.

His Love Held Me Hostage


Morgan Davis started out living the fast life at an early age until circumstances that she caused forced her parents to send her away. After a few years Morgan realized that all of the tough love she was given really was in her best interest. Now Morgan is a successful bank manager with a husband and daughter that she cherishes more than anything.  But there are secrets about to be exposed that could possibly ruin everything she has worked so hard for.

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