Supreme Works Publications is an independently owned book publisher based in Atlanta, GA, specializing in quality African-American literature, from urban fiction books to young adult fiction. Our mission is to create books that captivate young and old readers alike.

Supreme Works has had the pleasure of publishing works by notable authors such as KC. Mills, Nikki Brown, Taylor B., Ro Monique, Kaylyn, and Zaii. Supreme Works has a reputation in the urban fiction industry as an outstanding independent publisher. The company works with experienced professionals in editing, design, production, marketing, publicity, and sales.



KC Mills is a native of Atlanta, Ga. As a wife and mother she spent most of her time working in corporate America while building family bonds. That was until she stumbled across the wonderful world of Urban Literature. KC has always been an avid reader but once she encountered her first Urban Literature novel, it sparked something in her and she began to think outside the box.

Having been a writer for most of her life KC never once envisioned the idea of sharing her hidden talent with others. With the encouragement of family and friends, KC decided that it was time to try something different and introduced her gift to the world. Needless to say it was a success, because she now has multiple novels under her belt, while building a name for herself as a talented and skillful Urban Literature author.

KC is a creative soul that is business minded and driven by her passion, as well as her desire to leave her mark on the world. She is committed to bringing exceptional literary works that offer a romantic twist, as well as subtlety veering away from the norm. She still however leaves you captivated by her stories and characters and always wanting more.

Her passion as an author and reader combined with her savvy business sense fueled her desire to want to mentor and introduce other authors to the world. Her goal is to give them the same hands on and nurturing experience that she was provided, when she began her literary journey. In doing so, these upcoming, talented and passionate authors will also share that same vision and drive that it takes to become successful, while building their own brand.

KC Mills has a commitment to greatness and therefore is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure that she produces nothing but the best. This is for her own works, as well as those she takes under her wing. With a heart of gold and a commitment to quality, she will continue to shine and do amazing things.

Supreme Works Publications will definitely be a reflection of her hard work, deduction to quality and passion to exceed expectations.