Trap & A Dream: The Streets Raised A King


Allergic to average …
Addicted to success …
Kasine Graham suffers from ambition and even bigger dreams. Surviving a chaotic childhood, Kasine is set in his ways and after breaking up with Layne he has no time for love or relationships. Hustler by nature the only thing missing is the opportunity to turn his dreams into reality.

Addicted To His Crazy


Luni’s life is everything but normal. His mother’s overbearing ways leads him down the same path that killed his older brother, Chance. Creating his own lane, Luni teaches himself how to survive in the streets; taking his friends Munch and Nolan along for the ride. They’re older, but share Luni’s same mentality. When Luni’s actions finally catch up with him, he learns a different way to move. Instead of playing Checkers, he starts playing Chess.
Munch’s younger sister, Miyon isn’t the same little girl Luni remembers. She’s a single mother, doing everything she can to care for her son, Christian. Tackling his health issues becomes her number one priority, but after Luni reenters her life, old feelings return. The love-hate relationship they share is nothing compared to the secret she’s been holding for years. Revealing it will not only turn the lives of everyone she cares about upside down, but it just might end hers permanently.

Married To A Dirty South Dope Boy


After Cornell catches Diamond in a compromising situation he loses his cool and does the one thing he swore he would never do. Both embarrassed and heartbroken that Cornell would physically hurt her, she pushes him away and focuses on her growing relationship with Shawn. Diamond and Shawn’s relationship ended with him cheating, but now that Shawn is more mature and focused, he promises to give Diamond everything she wants and more. Stuck between choosing her drama, but passion filled past with Cornell and a promising love filled future with Shawn, Diamond is unsure who she really wants. Seeing Cornell moving forward with Bria fuels a string of impulsive decisions that send her spiraling down a life changing path. Will Diamond admit her mistakes and work things out with Cornell, or will she push her past aside and look forward to her future with Shawn?

Corporate Thugs Need Love Too


Love should never be chosen for you. Love should be natural and not forced.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for Raquel aka Rocky Bridges. Born into the gang life, she had no choice but to follow certain rules. Being brought up around so much violence and illegal activity, she was the product of her environment. All she wanted was to be free of her father’s vicious ways, her boyfriend’s abusive behavior and the violence that surrounded her. She thought she would never get to escape until she met him.

Kaya & Cree 2: A Love So Forbidden


They say more money, more problems, and it’s true. With the money coming in heavy for Cree, he is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Everything is working perfectly on the business end, but his personal life is taking a toll on him. Unable to deny his ever growing feelings for Kaya, he continued to dip in the forbidden pot, while trying to hold together his relationship with the love of his life.

Too Hood For You


The handsome and complicated man known in the streets as Horatio “Heavy” Wright has always be a calculated thinker. It was required in order to survive in his world. Raised to be man that handled business at all times, Heavy is the type to always take care of his responsibilities, no matter how unplanned they are. The only question is can he split himself and his time equally so that no one thing or person gets neglected? Will he be able to juggle the new responsibilities that life is throwing his way without shorting those that matter the most in his world?

His Love Held Me Hostage 2


Nothing could have prepared Morgan for the storm that she was currently in but Gip was adamant about weathering it with her. Now that she’s carrying his second child, there is nothing that will stop him from making sure that she’s protected. Faced with a lengthy jail sentence, Morgan struggles to find the answers that she needs in order to clear her name but she’s not so sure that the answers are ones that she’s able to handle.

When A Hood Legend Claims It All : Amena & Wes


The crew is back and their love lives are just as crazy as it was before in the last four parts of When A Hood Legend Claims It All.

Amare and Corryn are preparing to tie the knot and it’s becoming harder for CoCo to hold things together. Stuck in a game of mental tug of war between her mother and father CoCo is forced to decide between keeping her mother happy or embracing the relationship she’s been deprived off most of her life.

The Cocaine Cartel 2


Raised in the game the Caine girls should be prepared for anything, but when life hits them hard from all directions, everything starts to spiral out of control.
Max is determined to make the city bleed until she gets the answers she needs. As her body count rises, so does her recklessness. There’s only one person that can calm her down and he’s no longer around.

Lovin’ The Thug In Me : Ashasd and Brooklyn


Ashad Lowe better known as “Shoota” is the most feared but respected man in the streets. Moving to Chicago from Texas was the best move he could’ve ever made, but the only thing that could make his life even better is if his children and first love move with him. When him and his brother runs into two beautiful women, his life changes in a good way.

Plan B & Hennessy


Life in the hood is simply what you make it. Some people work their way to the top, while others will sit around and wait on a handout. Tiffany would fit the latter description…
While beautiful on the outside with a banging natural body, her soul is tarnished. Not to mention the fact that she slick has a drinking problem…
Click saw all of this from the gate! The nice shape standing out the most, but he was not unaware of her issues. Being a decent guy from the streets, he tries to see past the ratchet side of Tiffany so that he can expose her to not only a better way of thinking, but put her in position to change her situation.

Heart Snatched By A West Coast Goon 2


Still holding onto her secret, Ashley finds herself falling in love with Antonio much quicker than she expects. From meeting his Aunt to going above and beyond for her, Antonio continues to show Ashley that even goon’s need love. Things in his city get hectic, and he has a hard time juggling life and who he needs to be there for the most. An unpleasant surprise knocks him off his game, affecting his relationship with his loved ones.

Law & Love: A Hood Love Story


Best friends since childhood, Law and Love never expected for anything sexual to happen between them. As his best friend, Love never wanted Law and his brother Sin to be involved in the streets. Coming from a hard life, she worked hard in college to get away from the streets.

Heart Stolen By A Savage


Sunshine Love always played by her own rules. Having experienced the abuse and mistreatment of their mothers at the hands of men, together she and her best friend Shai have one main rule and that is money over niggas. They make their money the unconventional way, by targeting unsuspecting men and ripping them off.

Damaged: Loving Him Through The Pain


Ambitious and Sophisticated, Olivia thought that she had it all. Perfect life and perfect boyfriend. Suddenly, things took a turn for the worst.
In a blink of an eye, her life didn’t seem so perfect when the love that she thought she had with her long-term boyfriend, Jason abruptly ended leaving her in a state of shock.

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