Upgraded To A Savage


Lawyer’s assistant by day, punching bag by night. Nyomi is living a nightmare she can’t escape from. The person she loves the most abuse and beat her. She tries to hide the bruises giving to her by her boyfriend of five years from her friends and boss. Meanwhile she is trying to figure out her life. One day her boyfriend beats her to the point she ends up in the hospital.
Antonio is making himself known as he tries to gain control of half of California with the help of his longtime friend Micah. An encounter with a rival gang leads him to the hospital where he bumps into Nyomi. He notices the bruises instantly and he adds making her his girl to the list of things he has to do.
While trying to stay out of jail and take control over rival gang territory Antonio falls for Nyomi. He tries to keep her oblivious to what’s going on but when Nyomi gets assigned his case truth comes out. Nyomi is in the middle of a dangerous fight that she doesn’t know about. Will the relationship she has with Antonio be ruined by the lies, secrets, and violence or will Nyomi have the relationship she always dreamed about?