The Hustle Chose Me : Tales Of A Dope Boy


Meet Que. A fine charismatic twenty-one-year-old who works in the local supermarket for Mr. Meyers. Que works a nine to five and goes home every day to his girlfriend, Makiyah. He’s on the right track. All Que wants in his life is to make his girl happy and make enough money, so she doesn’t have to work. In walks Fah’Syrah. She has Que’s attention off bat and he has hers. Mr. Meyers tries to dead the problem before it starts but after Que saw her that day he was hook line and sinker down for whatever she was offering. Fah’Syrah’s father just so happens to be Kap Knight, one of the biggest drug dealers in the US. Kap sees something in him and lets him inherit his business when he decides to retire. Que’s dreams are fulfilled but he lost a few people along the way. Although he has all the money he could ever ask for he must have forgot that money came with problems and problems meant enemies, enemies he never saw coming. With his newfound dope boy fame can Que finesse his way out of this quarrel and remain on top or will his fifteen minutes be up?