A Hitta’s Love 3: Wise and Nylah’s Story


Emir getting arrested while trying to commit a crime that’s he’s been doing all his life while he’s supposed to be there having his bestfriends back, could leave Wise in a compromising position that he may not make it out of. Emir was charged with Attempted murder, How can he get out of it or will he get out of it being that he was caught with a loaded gun.
Nylah not knowing that Wise was shot and bleeding out in someone hotel room is just sitting around waiting for his return, until she realize he’s not coming back anytime soon. Going from worried to pissed, she doesn’t know what to do when she’s not only hit with the info of what happened to Wise but, other news that she wasn’t expecting at all. How did she expect to make it by herself, with what she just learned?