His Love Held Me Hostage 2


Nothing could have prepared Morgan for the storm that she was currently in but Gip was adamant about weathering it with her. Now that she’s carrying his second child, there is nothing that will stop him from making sure that she’s protected. Faced with a lengthy jail sentence, Morgan struggles to find the answers that she needs in order to clear her name but she’s not so sure that the answers are ones that she’s able to handle.

His Love Held Me Hostage


Morgan Davis started out living the fast life at an early age until circumstances that she caused forced her parents to send her away. After a few years Morgan realized that all of the tough love she was given really was in her best interest. Now Morgan is a successful bank manager with a husband and daughter that she cherishes more than anything.  But there are secrets about to be exposed that could possibly ruin everything she has worked so hard for.