K.C. Mills

""KC is a creative soul that is business minded and driven by her passion, as well as her desire to leave her mark on the world. She is committed to bringing exceptional literary works that offer a romantic twist, as well as subtlety veering away from the norm. She still however leaves you captivated by her stories and characters and always wanting more.""

Author's books

Put That On Everything

He’s every woman’s dream. Thanks to his humble beginnings, he’s edgy, outspoken and determined to win. Holt is also the highest paid wide receiver in the league and well worth the money that they pay him. Not only is he worth millions but he’s also perfection in physical form. That alone has women willing to do any and everything he ask. Well almost every woman except for one, Sutton Kelly. What man wouldn’t be satisfied with having it all, if that’s what having it all really means? Unfortunately, no matter how far you travel, sometimes the past follows. Trevor can’t seem to erase the darkness but he refuses to allow it to define him.

Somethin’ ‘Bout His Thuggish Ways 2

Six finds herself in a scary place and about to lose it all yet again. The universe wouldn’t be that cruel, would it?

Mero knows that his life should come with a warning label, but never did he think that it would potentially cause such severe consequences. It seems as if he can’t catch a break, and there’s no way that he can allow the world around him to crumble while the ones he loves become collateral damage.