Key To The Heart Of A Boss 2


“Every action has a reaction, it just may not be the one you want.” Xavia and Wood find themselves in a sticky situation when Shareem stands true to her word to never let them be together peacefully. With their love on the line and their freedom at stake, will they be able to figure out a way back to each other and to the free world?
Lorren and Wai have both crossed lines that should never be crossed in a relationship. Even though Lorren is just as much to blame for the chaos surrounding them, he refuses to take any responsibility until he’s left with no choice.
The lives of Wood, Xavia, Wai, and Lorren have been turned upside down. Secrets and lies have threatened to tear down the very foundation they were trying to build and it seems to be getting worse. The couples have twisted, turned, pulled and pushed the word love to boundaries unseen. Will they be able to find their way back to love or will they die trying?