"Nikki Brown is an author from the small town of Mooresville, North Carolina. She is married with three beautiful children. She has always had a passion for reading and writing, often pouring her thoughts out into her poetry notebook. Her love for Urban fiction came when she picked up a book by the name of “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sister Souljah. From that moment on, she spent every free second she had with her head in a book. Nikki’s fascination with the urban fiction genre compelled her to write her own drama filled Urban Romance novel titled “Messiah and Reign: Love In The Dirty”. Being accepted into the Supreme Works Publication family was a dream come true and pushed her to bring forth the creativity that she was blessed with. Her innate story telling abilities affords her the opportunity to be able to continue to share her craft with the world."

Author's books

He Brings Out The Hood In Me


The Maler brother’s are living the life that most people dream of, having been passed down the family business, they are making more money than the law should allow. The only thing missing in their lives is a companion to share it with.

Kahleno Maler the middle brother, tried love once before with the mother of his four-year-old son, Kahlil. He thought that maybe he had found the one to spend his life with until she was caught red handed, being disloyal. It was then that Kahleno felt that maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for him. He decided to play the field until the sexy and very taken, Sutton walked into his establishment, then all bets were off.

Key To The Heart Of A Boss 2


“Every action has a reaction, it just may not be the one you want.” Xavia and Wood find themselves in a sticky situation when Shareem stands true to her word to never let them be together peacefully. With their love on the line and their freedom at stake, will they be able to figure out a way back to each other and to the free world?
Lorren and Wai have both crossed lines that should never be crossed in a relationship. Even though Lorren is just as much to blame for the chaos surrounding them, he refuses to take any responsibility until he’s left with no choice.
The lives of Wood, Xavia, Wai, and Lorren have been turned upside down. Secrets and lies have threatened to tear down the very foundation they were trying to build and it seems to be getting worse. The couples have twisted, turned, pulled and pushed the word love to boundaries unseen. Will they be able to find their way back to love or will they die trying?

Something About the Hood In Her


Sometimes LUST can get you into things that LOVE can’t get you out of.

Vinny’s love for Cami is unlike anything that he has ever felt before but in his heart, he knows that he’s not ready to give in to the fairytale life that she dreams of. The luxuries of being at the head of the Maler Empire affords him a plethora of “opportunities” that interfere with what he’s trying to build with her. Cami knows her worth, so the fact that she allows Vinny to do what he does shows just how much she loves him but that’s proving not to be enough anymore. In his mind, he’s young and has time but what he doesn’t know is that Cami is at her breaking point and when Skylar steps on the scene, his time may really be up.

Hood Witches Need Love Too


Crazy, Ratchet with a twist of magic!

The Hood sister’s are back and crazier than ever. Shya’s powers have taken a mind of their own and they seem to magnify when her mood changes. Not being able to control her powers has Shya in a frenzy but Shiloh is right there by her side. The storm that’s brewing around them places both of them in the center of madness. Will Shiloh be able to save them or will Shya be their downfall?

Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For A Carolina Menace


A man that finds a wife, finds a good thing; a man that finds two wives finds his heart. At least that’s what stood true for Marshal “Menace” Lyles. From the time he was young, love was never something that he welcomed, let alone was able to give. The only thing he knew was that he had to survive for him and his siblings, until he met Jersey who quickly became his peace.

Hood Witches


Nothing in life is free, everything comes with a price and no one knows that more than a witch approaching her 21st birthday. Shya has always embraced her witchery, and she knows that it’s her time to give back to the universe for blessing her with magical abilities.The only problem is she just doesn’t want to do it. Finding love just to sacrifice it seems cruel and unusual but she has no choice, it’s either a sacrificial love or her. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Shiloh that decision becomes harder than she ever thought. Will she choose love or be cast down into damnation for eternity.

Vexed: The Streets Never Loved Me


Vexed, guarded, and full of hate, in a world filled with lies, deceit and drama!!!

Vexler “Vex” Streets was raised to be loyal before anything else, but he soon finds out that not everyone is cut from the same cloth. After losing everything and everyone that was important to him, Vex is back on the streets and ready to live the life he’s always wanted. With a cold heart and revenge on his mind will he be able to push through the past or will he get sucked back into the same hole he just crawled out of.

A Hood Love Like No Other


Laurence Marks was determined to be more than the life that was forced on her after her father was gunned down in front of her on her fourteenth birthday. With a mother that sought solace in a liquor bottle, Lala had to not only take care of herself but her mother to. When things get tough and the walls begin to close around her there is one person that she knows that she can turn to, her best friend Heart.

Key To The Heart Of A Boss


Two wrongs may not make it right but it sure feels good. Wai and Lorren have been together for six years and their relationship has never been ideal. Lorren cheats on Wai, she loves him so she stays and to cope with his infidelity she has an affair of her own. When Lorren finds out about Wai’s extracurricular activities will he be able to handle it or will his own secrets trump any feeling he may have towards the matter?

You’re The Cure To The Pain He Caused


“Can you imagine what will happen if you gave a worthy man the love and loyalty that your giving this man that don’t know what to do with it?” is a question that Azayah can’t answer. For as long as she can remember her loyalty has been with Kayell. Even through the lying and cheating she never left his side but every woman has her breaking point and when Azayah reached hers, Titus is right there to help her pick up the pieces.

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