Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For A Harlem Menace


Growing up in Harlem and living life as the daughter of a notorious Kingpin is not all what it’s crack up to be. Especially for Loyalty Mills, who has finally decided that living the dangerous life is something that she no longer wants for herself. But leaving is easier said than done when you have a father like Stoney Mills. Getting out is not always easy.
With the help from her cousin Brooklynn, Loyalty is able to leave Stoney and Harlem behind her for good. Starting fresh in a new state is exactly what Loyalty needed. Until, life took an unexpected turn for the worst and Loyalty is being forced to return back to Harlem seven years later to help take over the family business while Stoney is away. At first, loyalty is against the whole idea of her going back home, but Stoney quickly reminds her just how much of a dirty game he can play when it comes to doing things his way.