"Alicia Danielle, born and raised in Tallahassee Florida. She enjoys being a mother to her son who means the entire world to her. Alicia Danielle’s very first interest in Urban Fiction developed one day when she decided to take the time out to read the genre and from that very start, she was hooked on it. The more she indulged in reading different Urban Fictions books from varies authors, the more Alicia Danielle told herself that she could use her passion for writing in a way that would be just as entertaining to others to experience her talent of storytelling. With the determination of wanting to spread her gift of writing to the world, Alicia Danielle decided to put her fears to the side and send in her submission to Supreme Works Publications. It was one of the best decisions of her life, and she’s trilled to share her talent with the world. "

Author's books

Damaged: Loving Him Through The Pain


Ambitious and Sophisticated, Olivia thought that she had it all. Perfect life and perfect boyfriend. Suddenly, things took a turn for the worst.
In a blink of an eye, her life didn’t seem so perfect when the love that she thought she had with her long-term boyfriend, Jason abruptly ended leaving her in a state of shock.

A Boss Stole My Heart


Journey Anderson is determined to get her life back on track after suffering the loss of her mother. When her father walks out of her and her brother Darnel’s life, it leaves the two to fin for themselves.
With the slack now on Darnel to care for Journey, he feels like the weight of the world is placed on his shoulders. He doesn’t let that stop him though, because Journey’s wellbeing is all the motivation that he needs to continue to go hard in the streets and hustle to make a way out of no way for the two. Things quickly start to look up for Darnel when he is offered the opportunity of a life time.

A Boss Stole My Heart 2

Life for Journey Anderson took an unexpected turn for the worst when she gets caught in the middle of a shootout, putting her life in danger.
No one saw it coming, especially not Darnel, who is left in a state of shock when he comes across Journey’s lifeless body lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood; after doing what he thought was just another ordinary hit for him.
Now, with her fighting for her life, the only thing on Darnel’s mind is seeking revenge.

Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For A Harlem Menace


Growing up in Harlem and living life as the daughter of a notorious Kingpin is not all what it’s crack up to be. Especially for Loyalty Mills, who has finally decided that living the dangerous life is something that she no longer wants for herself. But leaving is easier said than done when you have a father like Stoney Mills. Getting out is not always easy.
With the help from her cousin Brooklynn, Loyalty is able to leave Stoney and Harlem behind her for good. Starting fresh in a new state is exactly what Loyalty needed. Until, life took an unexpected turn for the worst and Loyalty is being forced to return back to Harlem seven years later to help take over the family business while Stoney is away. At first, loyalty is against the whole idea of her going back home, but Stoney quickly reminds her just how much of a dirty game he can play when it comes to doing things his way.

My Heart, His Money, & Power: A Hustlers Mentality


Being in love with a hustler is never easy. In fact, Nidia “Dia” Johnson is left to find out the hard way when she fell for sexy Jayden Coleman. After witnessing the murder of her older sister in a bank robbery gone wrong set up by the love of her life, Nidia is set to pay the ultimate price of being wrongfully accused for killing her sister.
Now, five years later, twenty-two-year-old Dia is finally being release from prison. Her main focus now is to find answers and seek revenge on the ones who set her up. After being taken through so much, Nidia has every intention on being single for the rest of her life, that’s until she runs into ruthless Loke.

All She Wanted Was A Savage


Come take a ride with three adolescents girls as they discover love, heartache, and the mishaps of loving a savage. Sit back and watch how Ariel, Aubrey, and Keisha are taken on an emotional roller coaster when they meet three of Miami’s most powerful men in the streets.