Saved By A Hitta’s Love


We all have a past right? Ones that mold us into the people we become. Well what if your past isn’t something that you want to remember? What if it is so bad that you block it out or continuously run from?
Ameera and Saint have a past they can’t necessarily run from but try their hardest to block out. Fate keeps putting Ameera in situations that she needs saving from and Saint seems to be the one always there to have her back. Find out what happens when fate makes them face their pasts head on.
Flower has a past that she feels she can run from forever, what will she do when she is placed in a situation that she can’t run from. Juwan tries to be the knight in shining armor that she needs but will her pushing him away be too much for him? Will he find someone who is willing to let him save her?
What would you do when your backs against the wall and the only person to help you fight your demons is facing their own?