Rian Steffani

"Rian Steffani is a 26 year old mother of one. She was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland where she still resides working at a Salon Coordinator at a hair salon. Rian is a avid reader and gets her love of reading from her mother, after dealing with the great loss of her parents at the ages of 15 and 16 she used reading the books of her favorite authors as her escape from the real world. Rian always made up little stories in her head but never had the courage to actually share them with the world, but one day she stepped out on faith grabbed her laptop and created her first book “Saved By A Hitta’s Love” submitted it and now is a new author working with Supreme Works Publications. She can’t wait to share her work with the world. "

Author's books

Loving My West Coast Wild Boy


Trevor “Terror” Blackston is your typical next in line king pin, having all the woman he wants at his disposal he was living the dream that any man would want. He didn’t have a worry in this world if it wasn’t taking care of his daughter and running his business with any iron fist. What happens when he changes how he does things one time because a woman caught his eye?

Is This How Love Feels 2: Raevynn & Sam’s Story


With Raevynn being pregnant, what will she decide to do with the fact that Sam is the father. Marcie gets a little ahead of herself by confronting Solomon’s girlfriend who calls her out on her being Sam’s wife, will her secret finally be found out? DeWayne wants a relationship with Jessicah but she is pushing him away because of the agreement they made just to be friends with benefits or is it something deeper.
Will Sam and Rae get it together or will Marcie spoil all of that?
What will happen with Jess and D?
What is Solomon’s big plan and will it work out for him in the long run?
Find out what happens in this final installment of Is This How Love Feels.

Is This How Love Feels : Raevynn & Sam’s Story


Raevynn Chambers is getting in the groove of living her free and Zen life, using it to cope with her problems that brought her down to her knees and broke her. Her problems? Loving a man she feels will never love her the way she loves him, but is too scared to let him go. Sam Bradshaw, her first love is the only man that has the power to change everything she has worked hard for, the power to break her again. Making the decision to walk away from him broke her down to her knees the last time, will she be willing to hear him out or will she continue to do what is best for her and stay away?

Saved By A Hitta’s Love 3


It’s four years later and its seems like things are spiraling out of control
The death of Ms. Tina brings Ameera and Flower back to the one place they planned to never spend time again and being there seems to have brought up old feelings they have tired to put away.
How will Ameera cope with seeing Saint after all this time, being newly engaged as well as finding out the man she knew to be her father isn’t?

Saved By A Hitta’s Love 2


Tasha’s pregnant?
Flower’s mom has shown up at Ms. Tina’s door?
Ameera has received a letter from the man who tore her life apart.
Things were a little crazy at the end of part one. Will Saint accept Tasha’s pregnancy with open arms or since he seems to be over the relationship will he run the other way? He seems to have his eye on Ameera more than Corey does, will he take the leap and tell her how he really feels or will he become a family man and get back with Tasha.
Flower has expressed that she doesn’t want to ever go back with her mother, so showing up at the house to see her standing at Ms. Tina’s door with her boyfriend not even ten feet away will her life become a black hole that it once was or will Juwan help keep her head above water.
A few months shy of her eighteenth birthday Ameera is faced with a past that she doesn’t want to ever visit again, coupled with coming fresh off an attack at a party will receiving this letter hurt her progress she’s made after all these years?

Saved By A Hitta’s Love


We all have a past right? Ones that mold us into the people we become. Well what if your past isn’t something that you want to remember? What if it is so bad that you block it out or continuously run from?
Ameera and Saint have a past they can’t necessarily run from but try their hardest to block out. Fate keeps putting Ameera in situations that she needs saving from and Saint seems to be the one always there to have her back. Find out what happens when fate makes them face their pasts head on.
Flower has a past that she feels she can run from forever, what will she do when she is placed in a situation that she can’t run from. Juwan tries to be the knight in shining armor that she needs but will her pushing him away be too much for him? Will he find someone who is willing to let him save her?
What would you do when your backs against the wall and the only person to help you fight your demons is facing their own?