A True Love Like Ours 2


After finding Cole standing over Rondo with a gun aimed at his own father, Chante faints not believing the sight before her. Possible killing his father cause Cole to start acting out, and Milan having to be the one to discipline him, but Chante’s mother doesn’t agree with that and starts a feud between her and her own daughter.

For The Love Of A Miami King


Lauryn Taylor is a prelaw student preparing to enter her final semester of college and then on to Law school. Over the last year she has persevered through experiencing both a tragic loss and pain. Protecting her feelings is one of her biggest priorities. After opening herself up to love and experiencing heartbreak Lauryn erected her protective wall and has no intention of allowing another man into her heart. Between school and her tight knit circle of friends life for Lauryn is going perfect, just as she carefully planned. It takes only a run in with a disarmingly handsome and charismatic man to rock her world off its axis.