"Bria Madge (Aka Bri Deshai) is a 23 year old Author born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Her pen name actually comes from her childhood nick name and middle name combined. Bri Deshai used to sneak and read some of her Aunt’s Zane books that she tried to hide from her. When her Aunt Passed away, she decided to share her works in hopes that she can inspire other Authors to share their dreams. At the age of fifteen Bri Deshai went from being an avid reader to writing her first book that was later published in 2018. As she continued to grow as an Author, she hopes to become a household name and never forget where she came from. "

Author's books

Lovin’ The Thug In Me : Ashasd and Brooklyn


Ashad Lowe better known as “Shoota” is the most feared but respected man in the streets. Moving to Chicago from Texas was the best move he could’ve ever made, but the only thing that could make his life even better is if his children and first love move with him. When him and his brother runs into two beautiful women, his life changes in a good way.

A True Love Like Ours 2


After finding Cole standing over Rondo with a gun aimed at his own father, Chante faints not believing the sight before her. Possible killing his father cause Cole to start acting out, and Milan having to be the one to discipline him, but Chante’s mother doesn’t agree with that and starts a feud between her and her own daughter.

A True Love Like Ours


Chante Wilson is living the best life she could possible live with her wonderful husband and two children at the age of Twenty-five. She has everything that she could ask for and that’s all because of her wonderful husband Rondo. Not having time for herself Chante is determine to make her husband happy and gives him everything that he wants. Thinking that she’s in a healthy marriage Chante thinks that she doesn’t have to worry about a thing, well that’s until she find out that her husband is cheating on her with a close friend. Not knowing if Chante will be able to get through this tough divorce she decides to confide in her best friend Ciara who took it upon herself to set Chante up with Milan.

Addicted to His Toxic Love: Luvin A Thug Ain’t Easy


Jada Young life has always been difficult, growing up in an abusive household her goal was to escape and never come back. When she meets who she thinks is the love of her life, her prayers have been answered. She is able to move out and finally be happy. Until she discovers that her soulmate is not who he claims to be. Forced back into an abusive household, Jada has to make a hard decision in order to survive everything life has thrown her way.

Trap 4 Lyfe 3: Down To Ride for A Compton Menace


Having to choose between her husband and her first love is the hardest thing that Cyn has ever had to do, but it has come to the point when she has no choice. Cyn never thought that she would be on the verge of losing the man she plans to spend the rest of her life with all because her ex doesn’t know how to control his emotions for her.

Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For A Compton Menace


Growing up in the bad part of Compton, Cyn Walker and her brother Jamal Walker had to do what they had to survive. Getting tired of living off pay check to pay check, Jamal decided to get in the drug business not knowing that his sister was going to be right behind him taken care of the people who were after him which made her promise that she will never date a guy who is in the game.. well that’s until she met Terran Walker.