Never Had A Love So Dope 3


Zaire had never had a love so dope, but once he found Maliyah he was instantly attracted to her and all he can do is pray that she is okay after taking a bullet to the back from his dad’s right-hand man.
Camille overreacted when she saw Tim packing up his car with two car seats in the back. All she could think was that she had to get her daughter away from that monster! In doing so it looked as if she just ruined the chance of ever getting her baby back.

Never Had A Love So Dope


Maliyah always had it rough. She could never say she had a good day, just good moments if you could even call them that.
With no love from her father that raised her, to an absent mother who loved her dearly but only when she was around which wasn’t a lot.
Her big sister Maiya was the family favorite and didn’t have much time for her little sister because she was doing her own thing living her life.