"Ro Monique was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her two beautiful boys. After relocating to Atlanta that burning passion that she had for writing all of her life came to surface when she joined a local book club and had a chance meeting with National Best Selling Author KC Mills. Submitting a few chapters into Mrs. Mills turned into a life changing event as she was signed to Supreme Works Publications in July of 2017. Since signing Ro Monique had penned over fifty Urban Romance novels and her catalog continues to grow. Ro Monique’s books will make you laugh and sometimes make you cry but you’ll always have a good time when reading them. Ro Monique has since jokingly said this about her writing- “Now all the people that live in my head have a home now.” Ro Monique can be found on: Facebook- Ro Monique Writes Facebook Reading Group- Ro’s Reading Angels Instagram- @romoniquewrites Amazon- "

Author's books

Never Had A Love So Dope 3


Zaire had never had a love so dope, but once he found Maliyah he was instantly attracted to her and all he can do is pray that she is okay after taking a bullet to the back from his dad’s right-hand man.
Camille overreacted when she saw Tim packing up his car with two car seats in the back. All she could think was that she had to get her daughter away from that monster! In doing so it looked as if she just ruined the chance of ever getting her baby back.

Never Had A Love So Dope 2


Zaire is sick now that Maliyah is gone and he is going to do whatever it takes to get her back.
With the help of his brother Khari and Uncle Jamari they have a pretty good chance of getting her back. Although it may come with some hoops to jump through the are determined to get her back in one piece.
Tim will not leave Camille alone and now he had absolutely crossed the line! Camille is trying to keep the secret they share, a secret that she plans to take to her grave if she can.
Unfortunately, someone finds out and she feels it may change her life. Then something happens that will change her life that she never seen coming.
Maliyah is in the house of horrors and wants nothing more than to get out!
Will Zaire, Unc and Khari get to her in time or will they be too late?

Never Had A Love So Dope


Maliyah always had it rough. She could never say she had a good day, just good moments if you could even call them that.
With no love from her father that raised her, to an absent mother who loved her dearly but only when she was around which wasn’t a lot.
Her big sister Maiya was the family favorite and didn’t have much time for her little sister because she was doing her own thing living her life.

Forever My Gangsta 3


Blue finally has shown his face and is ready to avenge his cousin’s death and from the looks of things he was able to succeed in taking one if not two of the brother’s down.

Kecie has finally put her guard and was ready to let Kyle in but then another shooting happens, will this one push her away from him for good.

Make U Mine 2


Quentin just couldn’t let Iyana go and felt like if he couldn’t have her no one could have her, but now that she has Asher protecting her with not only his strength but his love that will be no easy task.
Ronnie has definitely ruined her career, but when Jamon finds out that she was the one who was supposed to be taking care of the daughter that he never knew he had, she could possibly lose him forever.

Right By My Side 2: 3 The Hard Way


Keena was getting her life together. She had found a man that loved her and her children the way that they needed and deserved to be loved. Here comes Chris, who couldn’t accept that Keena didn’t need him in her life anymore bringing her down with all the mental abuse that he delivered to her daily.


Gettin’ To The Money 2: Love Can Wait


Jaton found out that King is really his son and now he’s been kidnapped! Will they get to him in time to save him or will he die at the hands of his kidnappers?

Xavion finds himself sitting in the police precinct trying to figure out how he got there. That’s not the only dilemma Xavion is facing, stuck between his feelings for both Peyton and Dream he has a lot to think about until secrets unravel making his decision that much easier.

She Got A Thang For The Money & Power 2


Ev and Cersai are furious with Dro and Beno and now it’s time for some payback. In their heads they feel that the whole murder plan was a setup from the beginning after they saw Paul in the mall.
To them the plan was to take all four of them out not just Pia and Gia but somehow they managed to escape death’s grasp and now it was time for some payback!

Always Gettin’ To The Money: Jaton


Jaton is in big trouble and from the looks of it he may have three babies on the way with three different mothers and two of them being a mother/ daughter combo.
Capri is not for the games and if he doesn’t get it together soon she and King are out of there for good!
For most of her teenage and adult life, Jaton was all that she knew and wanted nothing more but to be with him for the rest of her life.

Overdue For Your Lovin’ 2: I Can Love You Better


Rasean has messed up big time! Although he knew that he wanted to be with Arahn he felt obligated to help Charnae because she’s carrying his child. But did his lapse in judgement cause Arahn her life?
Charnae doesn’t care about anyone but herself and she doesn’t care if everyone knows that but Kiki has got her just where she wants her to it an end to all of that.

Forever My Gangsta 2


Brice has given Kelly the ultimate ultimatum, it was with either him and Bryce or her brothers. So, now she was stuck trying to figure out which family that she would have to put first; her brothers that had always been there for her since day one or the new family she had started.

Forever My Gangsta

Kevin, Keaton, Kyle and Kurt are all back! A little older and maybe a little wiser but one thing is the same they still have no filter and will say what they want, when they want.
Keaton is happily married with his twins and his beautiful wife Kasiah and he wouldn’t change anything in his world at all, he’s basically living the American.

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