His Love Held Me Hostage 2


Nothing could have prepared Morgan for the storm that she was currently in but Gip was adamant about weathering it with her. Now that she’s carrying his second child, there is nothing that will stop him from making sure that she’s protected. Faced with a lengthy jail sentence, Morgan struggles to find the answers that she needs in order to clear her name but she’s not so sure that the answers are ones that she’s able to handle.

Hearts & Hugs From A Skeetown Thug


Nick and Rhayne have been the “it” couple for as long as they’ve been together. Constantly focused on the end result, they both stay focused on their empire. Or at least, that’s what Rhayne thought. Finding the love of her life in a compromising situation one night, literally, Rhayne has finally let it go and decided to live her best life. Solo. Until Case comes around. Focused on being the best dad he can be to his son, Case knows the deal: Trust the bands. Never trust a bitch. But meeting the beautiful, talent Rhayne has caused him to doubt everything he thought he knew. Will the two of them light a fire that nobody can extinguish, or will their one chance of love be snuffed out before it ever has a chance?