"Keila Rowe, born and raised in Muskegon Michigan, the middle child of three. She’s the mother of one boy who’s one year old who she loves and adores so much. Reading had always been a hobby for her, even found a passion in writing essays in high school but not once did she think about writing a book until her early teenage years. In high school she decided to write her first short story and won first place. That’s when she began reading urban fiction and then decided to take a chance in creating her first story. There were times she felt like giving up because of the circumstances she was encountering but God had other plans and continued her dream. Giving up has never been an option for her which is why she’s still striving for greatness. Her plans are to move forward with her writing career and become successful."

Author's books

Hearts & Hugs From A Skeetown Thug


Nick and Rhayne have been the “it” couple for as long as they’ve been together. Constantly focused on the end result, they both stay focused on their empire. Or at least, that’s what Rhayne thought. Finding the love of her life in a compromising situation one night, literally, Rhayne has finally let it go and decided to live her best life. Solo. Until Case comes around. Focused on being the best dad he can be to his son, Case knows the deal: Trust the bands. Never trust a bitch. But meeting the beautiful, talent Rhayne has caused him to doubt everything he thought he knew. Will the two of them light a fire that nobody can extinguish, or will their one chance of love be snuffed out before it ever has a chance?

A Thug’s Love Mended My Broken Heart 2: A Hood Love Story

Trying to hold on to a bond that should have been broken years ago has put A’riah in a more troubled situation. After being kidnapped by Ryheim, A’riah found herself hating Ryheim more than she ever did but in order to survive the terror she was surrounded in she had to force phoney feelings that she didnt want to. As a soon to be mother, her main concern was making sure her unborn arrived into the world safely. Knowing that lying to Ryheim was the worst thing to do, A’riah does what she has to do. It’s obvious that one wrong move could end two lives, both her and her son’s, so A’riah has no choice but to accept help from the last person she thought would become her ally.

Finding Love With A Legend


They say if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans in life. Legend thought he had everything mapped out, but he was sadly mistaken.
Legend was your average hood dude. All he wanted to do was provide for his family and raise his son the right way, but his whole life changed when the streets took the life of his cousin Tjay. Tjay’s death didn’t erase his debt and his plug is waiting to be paid, which puts Legend on edge. Refusing to let his family suffer for his cousin’s since, Legend jumps head first in the game and quickly got sucked in. The money was too good for him to leave the game so soon, but he knew he was playing a dangerous game. With debts paid, money to blow, and his baby mama Kameron in his ear, Legend is at a crossroad between giving up on everything he build so far, or continuing his empire.

Betrayed By His Hood Love 2


Some say that love is blind, but what they don’t tell you is that it also hurts like hell. Being betrayed by an enemy is one thing, but being betrayed by someone that you love and by someone you thought loved you is on a whole other level. This is the situation that Candy finds herself in. She’s in love with a man that shes knows is unfaithful. But what can she say; the heart wants what the hearts wants. With Macion having a baby on the way and Blaze’s known infidelity, what will she do? Heartbreak after heartbreak, but only those with true strength and courage are brave enough to search for love again.

Betrayed By His Hood Love


Candice Wright B.K.A as Candy lived a life that most teenagers tried running away from but her future was too important to her to run. As beautiful and smart she was, she was the most hated around Grand Rapids but her head was so deep into her school books that she didn’t notice it until her attractiveness caused her drama.