A Houston Love Ain’t Never Been So Good: Yung & Parker’s Story


On the outside looking in Yung and Parker look happy. They have a baby boy on the way not to mention Yung has left his doggish ways in the past, but you’ve heard the saying never judge a book by its cover? Parker has some doubts that Yung has completely changed and him being one of the most wanted rappers in the game doesn’t help.
When Yung begins working with a new upcoming female artist it brings insecurities out in Parker and problems in their relationship. Along with his baby mother that won’t allow them to be happy, Parker has to battle with more than she’s ready for. Will Yung show Parker her position in his life is secure or will he fall victim to the fame?

Skye and Blue 2: For The Love of a NYC Boss


Skye & Blue are back and things are crazier than ever. With Chase being back and Blue no longer in her life, Skye has no choice but to survive by any means necessary. Not only for herself but for the child that she’s carrying.While Blue is in the dark about Skye’s pregnancy and Chase’s return, he also has to worry about now sleeping with the enemy. His baby mama Sharnece will stop at nothing to keep her relationship with Blue. When she starts to feel that Skye is a threat again she does the unthinkable.
Secret’s will be revealed and loyalty will be tested. Will Skye and Blue be able to overcome all the obstacles being thrown at them, or will it all be for nothing?