"Tay Mo’Nae is a 23 year old college student born and raised in Elyria, Ohio. Her pen name actually comes from her actual name Taylor Mone, Tay Mo’Nae has her Associates in Business Management and is currently getting her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and Criminology. She has been signed to Team Supreme since Aug. 10, 2017. Tay Mo’Nae has always enjoyed writing she was always told by her teachers and friends, when she was younger, she had a gift for it and should pursue it later in life. She always used writing as a stress reliever or as something to take her mind off things. When she suddenly started posting short stories in Facebook groups, she was told, once again, she should pursue writing. Since then her writing career has taken off and she only hopes it continues to grow. Tay Mo’Nae is the middle child and comes from a single mother house. When she’s not writing she is reading. Since the age of 11 Tay Mo’Nae has been an avid reader and has had dreams of possibly being as big as the authors she loves to read. She also enjoys baking and shopping in her spare time as well. Tay Mo’Nae’s main goal is to continue making her books as good as the previous one and eventually venture out to other genres, contemporary and mysteries."

Author's books

These H*es Actin’ Up


Ratchet, Crazy, Feisty, with a sprinkle of hoeness is the only way to describe the friends, Celine, Aashi, and Zahra.

Zahra wasn’t looking to fall in love. Being raised with the mindset “money over everything” She got what she wanted then moved on until Dominic entered her life.

When Love Becomes A Purpose


After being in a toxic relationship for two years Isabella finally becomes fed up with the constant mental abuse and decides to walk away. She’s a model trying to strive but with her constant fight within herself, she’s holding herself back.
Enter Neal, sexy tattoo artist who’s been all about Isabella since they first met. After he’s constantly friend-zoned Neal starts giving his attention to someone else causing a rift in his and Isabella’s relationship.
The chemistry is there between these two but how can someone battling internal demons be happy with someone who wants to heal her? Find out if Neal can break through the wall that’s surrounding Isabella or will her constant pushing him away finally work?

This Heart Plays No Games


Savanna is due to get married to her long-term boyfriend, Ray, that is until one drunk night comes back to haunt them. Now the couple must see if they can overcome one big obstacle in their way. Savanna thinks they’re able to make it down the aisle until she finds out that Ray has been keeping some secrets from her, now she isn’t sure if marrying him is what’s best for her.
Makai walks back into Savanna’s life after three years. What she thought was just a childhood crush quickly turns into more then she bargained for. Not only does Makai come back with a girlfriend but he also comes back with an eye-opener that Savanna wasn’t prepared for. Now she must battle her feelings and decide if she can forgive Ray and get married or if she should act on her feelings for Makai.

This Heart Still Holds You Down


With trying to move on from the heartbreak, Kolby brought her, Ma’Loni puts all her energy in stacking money to open her dance studio. With a new guy in her life serving as a good distraction, she thinks she’s finally ready to take that next step but there’s only one issue.
Kolby isn’t trying to let Ma’Loni go. Learning from his mistakes he tries to get Ma’Loni to see that he’s ready to commit to her. With an attraction that can’t be ignored and trust that’s been broken, can this couple find their way back together?

Addicted To My Hitta 2


The end of part one left everyone wondering if any of these couples would make it.
Peyton is regretting her decision to commit to Brayden after catching him in a comproming situation. That heartbreak is taken further when she receives a phone call from Katrina. Brayden regrets the situation and wants to fix their relationship but when he gets news that his son is missing, he has to choose what will be his priority. Will Peyton be able to save Katrina? Can Brayden save his son? Will they be able to save their relationship and mend their hearts?

When Love Becomes A Need


After being let down by the first man that was supposed to love and protect her, Fatima swears to never give another man the power to make her feel that abandonment again. Only dealing with guys that are just as emotionally unavailable as her, she continues guarding her heart until he walks in her job one day.

In Love With A Heartless Menace 2

Just when Naudia finally starts opening herself to Tariq she walks in on a situation that causes her to put that wall back up around her. Tariq knows he messed up and tries to fix things with Naudia but she’s too stubborn to allow him too and reverts back to old habits. When Naudia finds herself in a dangerous situation, Tariq is the one who must save her. Will she use the traumatic event as an eye opener, or will she continue to walk on the wild side?

In Love With A Heartless Menace 3


In this jaw-dropping finale, we’re left wondering does Lucas survive the accident; did Tariq survive getting shot?
Naudia is left trying to put her life back together after the two most important men in her life are hanging on by a thread. Not only that but she’s left trying to figure out her next move after a bomb is dropped on her.

In Love With A Heartless Menace


Young, wild, carefree Naudia has been on a destructive path since her parents died. Never the one to catch feelings, she doesn’t care what anyone has to say about her or how they feel about her behavior, taking the meaning YOLO to another level. When someone close to home catches her attention, she must clean her act up and show she can change but will it be too late?

Still Trappin’ 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For An ATL Menace


After her pregnancy test comes back positive, Natasha wonders how she’s going to take care of a baby alone, after her baby’s father has been killed. Hiding her pregnancy from her family for as long as she can, she realizes they’re her only support until someone else steps up to the plate. Chris and his long-term girlfriend, Mia, are dealing with the loss of their first child. When Mia refuses to let Chris in and allow him to help her through the pain, their relationship becomes strained. Chris, knowing Natasha is pregnant, offers to be there for her as a friend through her pregnancy, but what happens when feelings run deeper?

Got It Bad for An Atlanta Boss


You can leave your past in the past but does it really stay there?
Life as twins, Brielle and Raquel, changed drastically the night a break in results in their parents being murdered in front of them. Now on their own trying to survive they struggle with their next move.
Just when they thought life couldn’t get any worse, they turn to robbing to get by. When one night goes wrong, they’re bailed out by Rock, who’s impressed by the way the twins handle themselves. Thinking they caught a break the twins quickly realizes that they may have signed a deal with the devil.


Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For An ATL Menace


After being sent to jail and betrayed by two people close to her, India is determined not to let it hold her back. Trying to get her life back on track isn’t easy until Emmanuel “Manny”, walks into her life, showing her not everyone can’t be trusted.
When Manny first laid eyes on India he knew he had to have her but trying to get with steal her attention proved to be harder than he thought. India decided to take a step back from love, but Manny isn’t accepting that. He’s determined to make India his, well unless his child’s mother, Chelsea can stop it.
Will Manny be able to tear down the wall that India has built?

These Hoes Ain’t Loyal


Ratchet, Crazy, Feisty, with a sprinkle of hoeness is the only way to describe the friends, Celine, Aashi, and Zahra.

Celine and Seth seem happy in their relationship, but like every relationship, there are always issues. When Seth can’t seem to get it right in the bedroom Celine finds satisfaction elsewhere.
Ja’Vier is fresh out a two-year bid and trying to do things legit. When Celine catches his eye, he makes it his mission to get her.

Overdosed Off A Hood Boy’s Love


Growing up with an abusive father and absent mother, forced Lyrica to learn to survive. Her best friend, Arnez, provided some protection but when he leaves for college, Lyrica quickly realized she is on her own. When her living situation becomes too much to bare, she seeks an escape in more ways than one. Disconnected from everything and everyone she knows Lyrica turns to drugs to help her cope.

A Houston Love Ain’t Never Been So Good: Yung & Parker’s Story


On the outside looking in Yung and Parker look happy. They have a baby boy on the way not to mention Yung has left his doggish ways in the past, but you’ve heard the saying never judge a book by its cover? Parker has some doubts that Yung has completely changed and him being one of the most wanted rappers in the game doesn’t help.
When Yung begins working with a new upcoming female artist it brings insecurities out in Parker and problems in their relationship. Along with his baby mother that won’t allow them to be happy, Parker has to battle with more than she’s ready for. Will Yung show Parker her position in his life is secure or will he fall victim to the fame?

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