Addicted To His Crazy


Luni’s life is everything but normal. His mother’s overbearing ways leads him down the same path that killed his older brother, Chance. Creating his own lane, Luni teaches himself how to survive in the streets; taking his friends Munch and Nolan along for the ride. They’re older, but share Luni’s same mentality. When Luni’s actions finally catch up with him, he learns a different way to move. Instead of playing Checkers, he starts playing Chess.
Munch’s younger sister, Miyon isn’t the same little girl Luni remembers. She’s a single mother, doing everything she can to care for her son, Christian. Tackling his health issues becomes her number one priority, but after Luni reenters her life, old feelings return. The love-hate relationship they share is nothing compared to the secret she’s been holding for years. Revealing it will not only turn the lives of everyone she cares about upside down, but it just might end hers permanently.

Our Love Is Hood Certified: Rhythm and Blues


How far would you chase your dreams?

Aspiring rapper Tenille McKnight and her sister Lena are no strangers to the struggle. When their mother is imprisoned after a crime of passion, their misfortune multiplies. After refusing to abide by a family friend’s rules, the two are left to try to make a way on their own.