"Belleza’s world revolved around her career and raising her daughter to be the better version of herself. Realizing that she was pushing her child to go above and beyond and not herself, she decided to reunite with her first love, Writing. Since middle school she have been reading and writing stories, but never followed through with the idea of being an author. After sharing her work with close friends she decided to take that leap of faith and share her talent with the world."

Author's books

When A Hood Legend Claims It All : Amena & Wes


The crew is back and their love lives are just as crazy as it was before in the last four parts of When A Hood Legend Claims It All.

Amare and Corryn are preparing to tie the knot and it’s becoming harder for CoCo to hold things together. Stuck in a game of mental tug of war between her mother and father CoCo is forced to decide between keeping her mother happy or embracing the relationship she’s been deprived off most of her life.

When A Hood Legend Claims It All 4


Growth is a necessary pain and these three couples are set to find that out the hard way.

When Ameena is kidnapped it not only opens her eyes but Wesley’s too. He finally accepts his feelings for Amena and is willing to do whatever it takes to prove his love. Amena promises herself if she makes it out of the deadly situation alive that she will put herself first.

When A Hood Legend Claims It All 3


The crew is back and trying to focus on being happy and building their legacies outside of the street life.

Things are going great for Corryn and Amare, but the universe will always throw a wrench in life. As they experience one of the happiest moments of their lives together, someone from the past will reappear and threaten to ruin it. Corryn and Mar will have to lean on each other for strength so that they can move forward and not backwards. Mar will need Corryn more now than ever before.

When A Hood Legend Claims It All


Whatever you do, be the BEST at it. That’s the mentality Amare has had his whole life whether it be basketball or bricks, his goal was always be the best. At 17 when life hits him hard and basketball won’t help feed his little sister, Amare turns to the fast life. Years later his rise in the streets is both a blessing and a curse. The more money he gains, the more snakes he will encounter and even those closest to him can’t always be trusted. Will Amare, along with his two best friends be able to maintain the top positions or will it all come crumbling down?

King Of Philly 2: You’re The One I’m Lovin’


“If a man wants you nothing can keep him away. If he doesn’t nothing can make him stay.”

Nate is in over his head juggling three women. Even though he did it with ease it caused more complications when Malaysia literally wanted to fight for his love. To make the situation more difficult, LaToya finds out about this new female that’s in the picture and their bond takes a turn for the worst.

Gettin’ To The Money 2: Love Can Wait


Jaton found out that King is really his son and now he’s been kidnapped! Will they get to him in time to save him or will he die at the hands of his kidnappers?

Xavion finds himself sitting in the police precinct trying to figure out how he got there. That’s not the only dilemma Xavion is facing, stuck between his feelings for both Peyton and Dream he has a lot to think about until secrets unravel making his decision that much easier.

Got It Bad for An Atlanta Boss


You can leave your past in the past but does it really stay there?
Life as twins, Brielle and Raquel, changed drastically the night a break in results in their parents being murdered in front of them. Now on their own trying to survive they struggle with their next move.
Just when they thought life couldn’t get any worse, they turn to robbing to get by. When one night goes wrong, they’re bailed out by Rock, who’s impressed by the way the twins handle themselves. Thinking they caught a break the twins quickly realizes that they may have signed a deal with the devil.


Mesmerized By A Street King


“It’s not about what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters the most.”

Brothers Johan, Zayne and Asahd have always been close and believed in family before anything but the death of their mother at a young age creates an even stronger bond between the brothers. After their mother’s death they are taken in by a hustler named Ernest, who they refer to as, Unc. He teaches them everything they need to know about the street life and getting rich. Twenty years after the death of their mother the Moseley brothers are all grown up and living their lives but their family values remain intact.

Locked Down By His Thug Love


The true measure of a man isn’t only in what he does, but by what he gives….

Having an easy life was foreign to Kayse Simons. His father was a junkie who loved to test his strength on not only Kayse but his mother too. The abusive from his father made life hard, however it was watching his mother be the provider & sometimes failing that made life unbearable. Kayse’s mother Kenya did all that she could to give her son a better life. His mother’s perseverance showed him how to survive in the darkest of days. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to repay her for her efforts. Kayse lost the love of his life, leaving him to fend on his on & learn the true meaning of survival of the fittest.

Philly’s Finest: Heir To The Throne


They’re back and still Conquering the streets but when it comes to matters of the heart nothing is as easy as it may seem. Find out about the new love and old flames of these three men yall fell for in the series of King of Philly. They say true love never dies, but in the end is the heartache that comes along with it worth the fight?

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