When A Hood Legend Claims It All 2


Tensions are high and jealousy is in the air in the next installment of When a Hood Legend Claims It All!

Amare and Corryn just want to be happy and work on building their new relationship but with Pitt still in the background the couple can’t truly be happy. Amare is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Corryn even if it means a life must be lost. Will they survive the drama that Pitt is causing them? There’s another snake close to Corryn that she would have never expected, will she be able to catch the betrayal in time?

Ty and Kellz: Do You Even Love Me?


Kellz is a pretty smart chick. She has a job she loves working as a speech pathologist with special needs children, and for the most part life is good, with the exception of the one thing she wants the most. Her relationship with Ty. Unfortunately for Kellz, that’s a headache that’s going to take more than wishful thinking to solve.