Rasaan & Wykia 2: In Love With A Dirty South Dope Boy


After discovering the man, she was falling for slept with her mom, Wykia is trapped in an emotional tug-of-war. Her relationship with her mom is already on thin ice so the news of them sleeping with the same man puts them on a one way trip to a drama filled place. Wykia struggles to see any self-value in herself and pushes Rasaan away just when he needs her the most. Can Rasaan get past Wykia’s rejection defense mechanism or will his pride push her out of his grasp?

She’s Addicted To A West Coast Rida


When Maverick “Zone” Sullivan got locked up, his girlfriend, Danii of three years promised to hold him down like no other. Two years into his ten-year bid, she stopped visiting and the letters stopped coming. Once he was free, he had to deal with losing the only blood that he had left in an illegal street race; his brother Sebastian. Vowing to find out what really happened to his brother at all costs, he linked back up with his old team.