"Tiffani is a 29 year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend who has had a passion for writing since the age of 7. After the tragic passing of her mother at age 9, Tiffani’s passion for writing grew and she began to write poems, short stories, novels, and free styles. Reading and writing had become her outlet and her place of refuge from the obstacles life had placed in front of her. Tiffani hopes her writing will be a place of refuge for her readers as Sister Souljah, Omar Tyree, and Eric Jerome Dickey were for her. Tiffani ‘s Pen name is Taylor B so gather around she’s got a story to tell. "

Author's books

Married To A Dirty South Dope Boy


After Cornell catches Diamond in a compromising situation he loses his cool and does the one thing he swore he would never do. Both embarrassed and heartbroken that Cornell would physically hurt her, she pushes him away and focuses on her growing relationship with Shawn. Diamond and Shawn’s relationship ended with him cheating, but now that Shawn is more mature and focused, he promises to give Diamond everything she wants and more. Stuck between choosing her drama, but passion filled past with Cornell and a promising love filled future with Shawn, Diamond is unsure who she really wants. Seeing Cornell moving forward with Bria fuels a string of impulsive decisions that send her spiraling down a life changing path. Will Diamond admit her mistakes and work things out with Cornell, or will she push her past aside and look forward to her future with Shawn?

Rasaan & Wykia 3: In Love With A Dirty South Dope Boy


Just as Wykia gets past all the drama keeping her and Rasaan apart he’s involved in a hit-and-run leaving Wykia rendered unconscious. The thought of Rasaan being taken away from her stirs a sorrow deep in her soul she refuses to ignore. Thankful to be alive Rasaan, uses his time wisely and begins to see the people around him for who they really are. Will Rasaan be able to put the pieces to the puzzle together before it’s too late or will the anger fueling his reckless decisions tear his world apart?

Rasaan & Wykia 2: In Love With A Dirty South Dope Boy


After discovering the man, she was falling for slept with her mom, Wykia is trapped in an emotional tug-of-war. Her relationship with her mom is already on thin ice so the news of them sleeping with the same man puts them on a one way trip to a drama filled place. Wykia struggles to see any self-value in herself and pushes Rasaan away just when he needs her the most. Can Rasaan get past Wykia’s rejection defense mechanism or will his pride push her out of his grasp?

Rasaan & Wykia : In Love With A Dirty South Dope Boy


Wykia Ford was born to a teenager that put money, drugs, and men above her duties as a mother. Growing up in a single parent home, Wykia witness’s her mother’s bad behavior prompting her to follow in her footsteps and become a stripper. As a child she felt overlooked and dismissed so the attention she receives on stage feeds her shattered self-image. Unable to believe she’s worthy of being loved or capable of loving someone else she attaches herself to a man that fumbles her heart.

Crushing On A Carolina Baller 2


After the revelation that the man she’s loved for years and her closest friend have betrayed her, Shay is shaken to her core. Unable to face the revelation that she could have contracted HIV she goes into hiding pushing everyone away, much to Asada’s dismay. Not one to be told what he can’t have, Asada fights to be a part of her life only to be met with resistance with each try. Frustrated with Shay he focuses on the ex-girlfriend refusing to live a life without him and the father holding a life changing secret. Will this latest shot to Asada’s heart be enough to break his heart forever?

Hood Dreams & Thug Kisses 2


Kadeem wakes up in the hospital with the news that his brother didn’t make it and is devastated. He lashes out at Tyesha because his mind was so focused on her bullshit he was off and in his mind, that makes it her fault. Quana isn’t impressed by Kadeem and Oshea’s disappearing acts and addresses their most recent behaviors. The news of Kadeem sleeping with his best friend sends a brick of ice around Tyesha’s heart. Will she stay down for Kadeem while he struggles through the street life? Jess is already aware of Oshea’s past dealings so the blowback isn’t a game changer for them and if anything draws them closer. But how many times will she have to deal with women from his past? Will Jess stick around for the clean up and ride for Oshea or is the drama proving too much to bare? Will Quana’s new love interest hold her attention or will Kadeem always be in her sights? Follow this crew as Hood dreams turn to nightmares right before their eyes.

Testing His Gangsta Trying Her Loyalty 2


In the second installment of Testing His Gangsta, Trying Her Loyalty we find a miserable and furious Shadaye after a fire leaves her not only homeless, but uncertain of the well-being of her only son. In the midst of the drama that is steady unfolding she finally surrenders to the love she and Donovan share, but will she be able to protect it no matter who set the fire? Donovan is put in an awkward position when his mother, Reba refuses to accept his relationship with Shadaye. With his back against the wall Don will discover love is a battlefield.

Crushing On A Carolina Baller


After her mother dies in childbirth Lashay Murphy is raised by her grandmother and aunt who have made her feel like a burden her entire life. With the truth kept just out of her grasp Shay is taught to keep her head down and stay out of the way, leaving her defenseless and inexperienced. Being young and naïve has her tripping, tumbling, and falling mercilessly in love with a man unworthy of her heart. Deep down she knows she deserves better, but the grip he has on her makes it almost impossible for her to walk away.


Mobbin’ Wit’ My Hitta 3

Sinna’s life is disrupted when her sister’s bad choices put her in an unfortunate situation. Accustomed to cleaning Simone’s messes Sinna willingly accepts guardianship of her sister’s children. As if that pressure wasn’t enough, everything seems to be crashing down around her. Her relationship with Saint seems damaged beyond repair and just as she began to get close to the father, she never knew he’s involved in a shooting that steals his partner’s life. Sinna is searching for protection and stability, will she be able to trust Saint with her heart or will she seek refuge in the arms of another?

Mobbin’ Wit’ My Hitta 4

Sinna and Saint are finally happy and enjoying each other when he’s arrested along with her father. They say when it rains it pours and Sinna begins to feel the weight of each drop as her worst fears surrounding her nephew come to life. Sinna is tired of giving her all . Can Saint heal his damaged past and convince Sinna he can be the anchor she needs?
Kidd is struggling to harness the anger that’s been buried inside him all his life. Will he be able to control his emotions or will the demons from his past push Khadijah away forever?

Savage Ever After


The only word to describe what Kyrie Phillips endured as a child, is hell. Losing his immediate family, battling cancer, and getting put into foster care all before he was fifteen years old put a massive chip on his shoulder. Unable to open up about what he was going through he turned to Facebook and fell in love with the breathtaking Blaine Sutton. Or at least he thinks it’s Blaine he’s revealing all his deep, dark secrets to. After Blaine stands him up, he puts her and the feelings he’s grown for her in the back of his mind and focuses on building the drug empire along-side his foster brother, Jamar.

Mobbin’ Wit My Hitta


After battling one hardship after another Sinna Fletcher goes from a chaotic life with a drug addicted mother to trying to prevent her older sister from going down the same path. Her sister, Simone takes advantage of Sinna’s generous and loving nature leaving Sinna standing alone to pick up the pieces in the wake of her decisions. A last-ditch effort to keep her head above water puts her in the cross hairs of the unpredictable and untrusting X’keem “Saint” Daniels.

Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For A Sin City Menace


Meet Barron “Bread” Wiggins self proclaimed ladies man, dope boy, and bail bondsman. Attempting to bury old wounds he refuses to allow any emotional connections to the merry-go-round of women he beds. Supplying the Las Vegas party scene, bedding any female he wants while demanding respect and keeping his murderous temper at bay, Bread is the man to see. Making it to the ripe age of 23 without a serious commitment is a task he takes pride in, but maybe he’s ready for a change. I mean if he can find the right girl…

Rockin’ Wit A Real One: Trinity & Duece’s Story


Trinity Reed is a seventeen-year-old, rising senior who is torn between both loving her mother and hating her mother’s boyfriend. Watching her mother fumble with poor choices in men, she inadvertently falls victim to the same trials. Blessed with both her mother’s beauty and dangerous curves, she falls for the manipulative and thuggish charms of Katrell “Keys” Gibson and once she’s in his crosshairs she finds it hard to walk away. Until one of her mother’s rash decisions gives her a chance to meet Duece. And you know what they say, when you know better you do better.

Bently & Yafi: Can’t Get Enough Of A Ruthless Savage


Bently Lawrence, the youngest of three sisters is addicted to the hustle and in love with the head of The Fam, Tazmen Fields. Stepping into place as King, Taz runs the streets with an iron fist and with Bently by his side their empire swells. She’s sassy and sexy, but quick on her feet and proves to be just as ruthless as the man by her side. When “The Tasmanian Devil” is murdered mercilessly on social media for the world to see, she steps into place as the self-proclaimed Queen of The Fam. As Queen, she reigns as an unstoppable force until she meets the immovable object, the streets affectionately call King Yafi.

Trippin’ Cause His Love Got Me Faded


“I don’t know why you doing all this. I’m a handful.” I replied looking away.
“Lucky for you I got two hands.”
Tasked with caring for her alcoholic mother and younger sister, My’Asia James feels unappreciated and helpless. She meets the charming and sexy Cion Thorne and the two become attatched at the hip marking the start of their summer romance. She’s not sure she’s capable of love, but he won’t let go without a try. An accident changes the course of Cion’s life sending him hundreds of miles away leaving Asia confused and heartbroken.

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