Synful Ambitions 2: Saved By A Certified Goon


Symir is tired of playing games with Syn. He’s ready to lock her down and show her how she’s really supposed to be treated, there’s just one thing standing in the way of that, Syn.
Syn has the weight of the world on her shoulders, with her mom fighting for her life she’s still raising her eight-year-old brother and a twelve-year-old sister who’s constantly being grown. How can she focus on a relationship when she’s trying to keep her family intact?

Pretty Girls Fall For Dope Boys Too


Egypt has everything he’s ever wanted; a house in the hills, more cars and cash than he needs, a new girl for every day of the week and the keys to a multi-billion dollar drug cartel that’s been passed down for two generations almost in his grasp. His parents, Brax and East have spent most of his life making sure he understands that his destiny is to pick up the family legacy and continue to grow it and he’s perfectly fine with that. He’s young and living his life, enjoying the perks of being the heir to the cocaine throne without having to do too much of the lifting officially until his younger sister, Elle, brings home her new friend Rhylan and changes everything.

Nix & Kase: Trap Kings Still Fall In Love


Raising a child and managing a restaurant wasn’t easy as Nix thought. After walking away from her one true love she decided to settle for the next best thing; her cut buddy, Lando. She quickly realized that being with him wasn’t good enough when a romance began brewing between her and her married head chef, Alex. Things were amazing or so she thought until her paths crossed with an old flame, Kase.