"Mia (M.L. Bash) is a 20 year old from southern Louisiana. Her passion for writing started in the third grade with short poems and developed in to 200 page short stories written on the front and back of loose leaf pieces of paper by the time she entered middle school. Writing has always been something she has wanted to pursue but never thought that she could excel at. She always shared her writing with her close friends and after much encouragement decided that she would share it with everyone else as well. She is continuously attempting to advance her craft and is her own worse critic. She sometimes write full novels just to reread and trash them later which is something she is currently working on and she is forever thankful for the friends and family that remain her support system."

Author's books

For The Love Of A Hustler


Alaska grew up in foster care and once she aged out of the system, she swore she would never be broke or homeless, and a chance encounter with a drug dealer taught her a life lesson at a young age- sex sales. She quickly became a self taught sugar baby, easily manipulating men and reaping the benefits of their hard work while doing nothing much in return. She finds out instantly that she’s a natural at selling fantasy and has no intention of giving up her easy lifestyles any time soon… at least not until she gets tangled up in Memphis.

When He Feels Like Home


Ann’Renee has a seemingly perfect life. She got into her dream school, moved away from the small town where she was raised and then never looked back. Her new life became everything she wanted it to be complete with a great job, great home, supportive family and filthy rich boyfriend of nine years. However, when her grandmother unexpectedly dies she rushes home to be with her family and quickly realizes everything she’s ever known has changed and is still changing, a fact that is only assured by her meeting a local mechanic who pushes her to face her own insecurities and decipher the advice her grandmother gave her years and years ago. Ann’Renee is forced to decide quickly if a man feeling like home means means a calmness in her heart or familiarity for her routine.

Babygirl Got Me Losing My Composure 2


Devyn and Saje are attempting to balance their art and the people they care about. With Saje finally getting the opportunity to dip her feet into the music industry, she finds herself quickly being pulled in by every little thing that glitters and with Devyn accidently taking a life, making music is the last thing on her mind. She finds herself wanting to lock herself inside of her home away from the intruding press, her judgmental mother and even music.

Babygirl Got Me Losing My Composure


Devyn is living the life she’s always wanted, making music she loves and being every little girls role model… until she not only finds herself with a crazed fan on her tail but falling into the arms of the rugged and older, Phoenix who is a hood legacy with a demanding personality and award winning grin. With Phoenix comes his street life and for Devyn who is constantly living in the spotlight, the very man she finds herself drawn to could be the very thing that ruins her career.

I Pledge To Ride Till The End For Mine 2


Quintavius has just recently found out that his younger sister has been in an abusive relationship right beneath his nose. After the death of their older brother, he promised himself he would take care of his sister and finding out that he’s failed has messed with him in more ways than one. Soon his plan for revenge has taken up more than a little of his time and he finds himself severing relationships with people he thought he wanted in his life forever while on his quest for retaliation. Can Q get rid of Shank while attempting to mend his emotionally broken sister and remain in a committed relationship with his girlfriend who is feeling neglected or will his dark desire for payback cost him the very people he swore to look out for?

I Pledge Allegiance To The Trap 3: Stormi & Sneaux


Nevadi, Schyleur and Amihere are figuring out how to live outside of the trap. With Nevadi looking for an outside distraction and Schyleur dating for the first time ever, they’re both attempting to figure out who they are and what they want while Amihere has it all figured out. Amihere knows he wants to spemd his life with Zoie. However, the time he spent in the Vatos wont stop chasing him & he finds himself forced to deal with his past head on.

Pretty Girls Fall For Dope Boys Too


Egypt has everything he’s ever wanted; a house in the hills, more cars and cash than he needs, a new girl for every day of the week and the keys to a multi-billion dollar drug cartel that’s been passed down for two generations almost in his grasp. His parents, Brax and East have spent most of his life making sure he understands that his destiny is to pick up the family legacy and continue to grow it and he’s perfectly fine with that. He’s young and living his life, enjoying the perks of being the heir to the cocaine throne without having to do too much of the lifting officially until his younger sister, Elle, brings home her new friend Rhylan and changes everything.

Seduced by the Southside’s Trillest


Zipp and Alaric know that they have sexual chemistry. They know that they’re attracted to each other and can’t seem to keep their distance. They also know that anything between them can never be. Zipp’s older brother has made it extremely clear to his bestfriend that his sister is off limits… but sometimes in the heat of the moment, things just happen and Zipp may be a strong willed woman but even she can be seduced by the southside’s trillest.

My Ruthless Gangsta Loves Me Better


Dayshawn and Leigha got married straight out of school thinking their fairytale was just beginning. However, after bringing their daughter Mila into the world and settling into their new jobs, the calm of domesticated life soon becomes unbearably routine. Their relationship falls under stress and not all pressure makes diamonds.

Brax & East: That Crazy, Forbidden Love


Brax seeks normalcy.
Being raised with one king pin father and a mother who is terminally ill, she just wants to keep her personal and professional life as far away from her doting and impulsive father as she can. Working at a magazine company, coming home to her empty apartment and spending weekends drinking at her best friend, Bianca’s, bar are practically in a constant rotation… until the offer of a one night stand changes everything.

Shorty Got A Love So Pure


Railyn is a dancer in all aspects, attending a prestigious dancing school and working part time to make sure she and her sister can pay their bills. She doesn’t have the time, patience or any form of desire to deal with men and the childish mess that they seem to bring forward… until local rapper, Carbon, literally slams into her.

Promised To The Plug But Married To The Hustle


Khaos Eden makes up one half of the Eden brothers… the half that does whatever the hell it wants and has absolutely no regard for what happens to anyone else. Besides his older brother, he has no attachment to anyone. So when he finds himself and a marriage to a woman he’s never met the only thing standing between his brother and a bullet, the obvious choice is to suck it up and deal with it. After all, it’s his fault his brother’s life is even put on the line. He was the one who murdered the only son of one of the most dangerous men in the game. He finds himself engaged to that same man’s younger daughter in some ploy to make everything right again and somewhere between dealing with his father who likes women half his age, his new wife’s bitter ex-boyfriend and a mother constantly digging in to his illegal affairs Khaos finds himself losing pieces of himself. The one cure? A woman as crazy as he is.

Rhea & Kenyan 2: She Don’t Wanna Be Saved


The men’s life are a mess.

TJ’s life is falling apart. He hasn’t spoken with his parents in months. Jabari and Kenyan have bonded over their mutual love for Rhea and unknowingly cut him out of the picture. The woman he is in love with is more inclined to show gratitude for receiving a new pair of headphones for her DJing set than the wedding ring he wants to buy her… and his professional life has taken a turn for the absolute worse giving his father the opening needed to tell him, ‘I told you so’. Although he was coddled his entire life, TJ is more than prepared and willing to do whatever it takes to get his life back on track… even if it means making allies with the most unlikely of people.

I Pledge To Ride Till The End For Mine


After losing his older brother, Quintavius is determined to graduate college and leave a legacy that the brothers of his fraternity can be proud of. When his senior year rolls around he’s ready to jump in to it head first. Wearing his last name proudly on his back and his frat letters on his front, Q is cocky, unpredictable and ambitious with a master plan to take over the computer programming business by storm.

Rhea & Kenyan: She Don’t Wanna Be Saved


Kenyan, Jabari and TJ have little in common except for the fact that they’re all basketball players signed to the same team.

Kenyan Washington was born and raised on the lower East side and he has the body count and no bullshit attitude to prove it. The only thing he does better than end the lives of people that cross him is shoot 3s and when his mother ends up getting sick that’s exactly what he turns to. After promising his mom to calm down on running the streets with his best friend, Roderick, he finds himself struggling to stay on the straight and narrow.

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