A Love Turned Savage 2


In part 1 of a love turned savage secrets were revealed leaving Tuesday and Polo’s relationship torn apart.

With Polo trying to balance fatherhood and working on getting his girl back it’s becoming a harder task then he ever imagined.

Eve is getting fed up with the fact that Polo won’t get over not being with Tuesday and be a family with her and their baby. Doing something drastic to keep her family together she doesn’t think of the consequences. Will she win her rightful place in Polo’s life or will she push him away forever?

She Got A Thing for a Dope Boy


Friends, Levi, Isaac, and Jeramiah grew up parentless, learning at a young age the definition of hustle.

Levi, after his mother was sentenced to prison for killing his father, turned his heart cold at a young age. Growing up with the mentality making money and never catching feelings was his moto until Neveah. Trying to fight not only is feeling but The Feds, also when then try to take down all him and his boys built, can he handle the pressure?
Rich girl Neveah grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. When she meets bad boy Levi, she starts to realize her life isn’t as perfect as she thinks. Her and Levi grow close and she wants to break the shell around his heart, but will he let her? Neveah learns that being with Levi isn’t an easy task and she can’t have the world as she knows and him at the same time, which will she choose?