"Amber Meeks was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Her love for books and writing was discovered at an early age, when her grandmother used to make her read and write a report on what she’d read. Although she hated it then, it prepared her for her future. At the age of 13, she started to read urban Christian fiction, teen fiction and other African American fiction books. In high school she realized that she wanted to become an author and began writing short stories for her friends to read. It took several years before Amber finally made a move to make her dream come true and she couldn’t be happier to share her work with the world. She released her first series “Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold” under Supreme Works in August of 2018 & is super excited to produce many more novels for you to enjoy! You can follow Amber on these social media platforms: Facebook (Author Amber Meeks), Twitter (@___Amb) 3 underscores, Instagram (@____Amb) 4 underscores and/or (@author__amber) 2 underscores, and Snapchat (amb.v19)."

Author's books

A Bad Kind of Good: Saniyah & Kasada


Saniyah Marie Carter is a young beautiful college grad who dreams of becoming a fashion designer/stylist. Coming from middle class parents, she makes it known that she doesn’t want any handouts. After countless interviews and rejections, Saniyah is about to give up hope and take the easy way out until she lands a job with Hollywood stylist, Tianna Schumer. While working as Tianna’s apprentice, Saniyah crosses paths with up and coming rapper, Kasada.

Talayah & Yasir 2: An Urban Love Story


After learning that her new boyfriend is her ex boyfriend’s boss, Talayah is filled with a range of emotions. She begins to feel like everything is all her fault. Yasir does his best to console her all while running his business, keeping her safe and getting revenge. As if that wasn’t enough, he still has to deal with Renae lurking in the background.Giselle is still living her best life and even finds herself getting a promotion at work. But just as soon as everything comes together, it all falls apart. While trying to protect her bestie, she ends up in a dangerous, life threatening position that she’s not sure she can get out of.A very pregnant LaCorsha is trying her hardest to solidify a spot in Antonio’s life, but no matter how hard she tries, it just isn’t good enough. Will she finally just give up or will she keep trying to force Antonio to love her?In this finale, all questions will be answered, and relationships will be put to the test. Find out if these characters will be able to withstand all the curve balls that life seems to throw their way.

Talayah & Yasir: An Urban Love Story


Talayah is the definition of a boss. At a young age, she developed a love for hair and eventually opened up her own shop, Black Girl Magic, focusing on making black women feel and look beautiful. She’s no nonsense when at work but finds herself settling for less than she deserves in her personal life.

Don’t Play With My Heart: Kai’Juan & Janae


Don’t Play with My Heart is a spin off from the series Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold. In Don’t Play with My Heart, we catch up with Kai’Juan and Janae as they celebrate their 5th year of marriage which happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. Kai’Juan has completely given up the game and is 100% legit and has matured in ways nobody thought was possible. While living in marital bliss, Kai’Juan decides to surprise his wife with an anniversary gift that she’ll never forget. In an attempt to pull the surprise off, his wife starts to feel as if he’s reverted back to his old ways: lying and cheating. Is Kai’Juan back up to the same old tricks or is Janae just paranoid from the past?

Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold


Tam my Sinclair has had her share of drama but was always the type of girl that got what she wanted. She was the poster child for “perfection”. She made the grades, she got the perfect job and had the perfect man…or so she thought. When her boyfriend, Chris, reveals a secret, her entire world changes. Will she be strong enough to overcome or will life break her down to the point of no return?