Caprice was born and raised in Philadelphia, her love for writing begun in the sixth grade and continued in high school where she wrote novels and shared them with her schoolmates. She won the NAACP contest in ninth grade for a short story she wrote titled “Why Me?” in her free time she enjoys cooking and listening to music. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband and kids where she continues her passion for writing.

Author's books

Maybe I Can Be The Cure


Nova and Noelle are identical twin sisters who did not have it easy growing up in a house with their lesbian mother. Dealing with abuse and neglect as children the girls used their love for music and dance to ignore their problems. As adults the twins learn to depend on each other to get them through tough times. When a tragic event happens, their whole lives change. One sister will need all the support she can get to stay strong.

Loving You Is A Crime: Truth and Sundae


After pouring her heart out to Truth expressing the feelings she has for him. Sundae is shocked to learn he wants nothing to do with her. Deciding to move on with her life despite wanting to be his girlfriend she focuses on her son and her business. Sundae’s friend and business partner Jade pushes her to get back into the dating game. She’s not sure if she’s ready to date. When an unexpected guest shows up will she hear him out or move on with her life for good?

Your Love Is Breaking The Law: Epic and Harley


How much abuse can one person take before they have had enough? That’s a question that Harley contemplates every day dealing with her boyfriend Jay. Knowing she will either end up dead or in jail, Harley makes the decision to take her life back and returns to her childhood home where she reunites with her parents, brother and her two best friends. Ready for a fresh start at life and leaving her past in the past, Harley in back in Philadelphia for good and not thinking about relationships until her childhood crush, known as Epic becomes an adult lust. Will her feelings for Epic develop into something more? Will Jay allow Harley to move on her with her life?