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Heart Snatched By A West Coast Goon 2


Still holding onto her secret, Ashley finds herself falling in love with Antonio much quicker than she expects. From meeting his Aunt to going above and beyond for her, Antonio continues to show Ashley that even goon’s need love. Things in his city get hectic, and he has a hard time juggling life and who he needs to be there for the most. An unpleasant surprise knocks him off his game, affecting his relationship with his loved ones.

Heart Snatched By A West Coast Goon


Ashley Collier is a twenty-eight-year-old woman who co-owns a trucking company with her older brother. At the age of eighteen, stage one cancer invaded her ovaries, resulting in her inability to have children. She meets thirty-one-year-old Antonio Washington, who owns Bud Love, a dispensary in Los Angeles after a business meeting. The two are immediately attracted to one another, but Ashley’s past has her fighting off her feelings. Antonio maneuvers his way into her life, and they agree to take things slow. Everything is going well until the topic of children is brought up, causing Ashley to second guess whether she should reveal her truth or not.