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When Loved By A Thug


Charmaine Ebins has the potential to make any man fall in love with her because she isn’t like the average female. Charmaine has a smart mouth and an independent mindset, but things switch up for when she takes on a job as a stripper. Men come by the dozen to watch her slide up and down the pole. The money is good for her, but it’s not good enough. Following the passing of her mother, Charmaine struggles to maintain paying her bills along with her mother’s medical expenses.

Caught Mad Feelings Over A Street King


New Jersey native, Bridgette Brown has the odds stacked against her, being born from two of the most powerful gangsters, Pamela and Yayo. They brought her up on the strong morals of all the street codes. Growing up, she watched her father become a true Street King, but he was nothing if he didn’t let his Queen conquer too. Pamela always had her man back. No matter what, every deal Yayo made Pamela was there to give her input.


She’ll Never Be Me 2


Letting go and moving on from an old flame just isn’t as simple as Connie Powell thought it would be. Left broken and bitter, she still tends to linger around Asia and Valentino’s seemingly picture-perfect marriage. Asia is guilt ridden but making an effort to be the bigger woman as she allows communications between her now husband Valentino and his ex-fiancé.

She’ll Never Be Me


Would you attend the wedding of your first love? Asia Summers was hit with a complicated decision to watch the man she once loved, marry another woman. The love of her life, Valentino, slipped through her fingers because of the lie spread by the groom’s jealous brother, Malik.

In Love With A Cold Hearted Goon


How far are you willing to go for the one you love? Savannah Crown proved her distance at the age of sixteen when she decided to take a charge for her man, Hassan. They had been through everything together, this was who she planned on having that special forever type of love with. But his love was not equally matched.