"Regina is from Pittsburgh, PA where she currently resides with her two children. She works in Healthcare and is pursuing a bachelors degree in Healthcare Informatics. Reading was her escape from a rough childhood. She often wrote short stories that depicted her wild imagination. Regina took a creative writing class in high school and expanded her literary skills by reading classic urban fiction authors and James Patterson. Regina signed with Supreme Works in March of 2017 to fulfill a childhood dream of becoming a published writer. "

Author's books

Trap 4 Lyfe 2: Down To Ride For A Pittsburgh Menace


Love can blind you to the obvious staring you right in the face. Angela will learn that the hard way in this fast-paced finale. She is shot and left for dead by those who set up Diego, now seek to end her. Angela will turn to family and a familiar old flame for loyalty and strength in the street game. She feels betrayed when Diego is not sympathetic to her tragedy and he rebuffs her at every turn. Angela seeks to take back the power stripped from her and does not care who is in the way.

Trap 4 Lyfe: Down To Ride For A Pittsburgh Menace


Angela and Vega St. Clair are accomplished sisters who wanted to bring in 2018 with a bang. That is exactly what happens. Angela gets into a car accident and has a sexual encounter that changes her perspective on men. She is done with casual sex and wants a real relationship. Vega gets a surprising call from her ex-boyfriend and visit from his fiancée. She loads up her gun ready for target practice. The sisters are vowing that this year will be better than the last in love and business. They will find more than they bargained for when Diego and Reno are introduced to their lives unexpectedly.

Falling For A Hustler’s Charm: A Steel City Romance


Charm is defined as, the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Bash Malcom has all of that and so much more. Lois was swept off her feet by Bash when she wandered into his bar one night after an argument with her husband. She never imagined having feelings for any man other than Adonis. Lois finds herself caught up in a web of lies and deceit that has her questioning everyone in her life. What started out as harmless talk turns into a torrid affair that threatens both of their marriages in unimaginable ways.

Rise Of A Young Boss: Dionne and Royale’s Story


Royale inherited the crown of Pittsburgh but he has to earn the respect that comes with it. He is completely turned out by the fast money, women and drama that comes with his new lifestyle. While on his way to the top a new enemy will emerge and test family loyalty. He still has feelings for Dionne but is unwilling to play second fiddle to her husband. Their paths will cross in an unlikely manner and the spark is reignited.

Trap Life and Thug Love: A Hood Certified Tale


The Reynolds brothers are desired by every woman. Landon is a street hustler with a different woman for every day of the week. He just wants to graduate college and settle down with his one true rider. Lundyn is not interested in revisiting the past with her first love. So, she plays hard to get. Lorenzo is the youngest brother and reckless as ever with his unstable girlfriend Zyonna and her wild antics. Lorenzo will discover that he and Zy are both withholding secrets that threaten to rip their college romance apart for good.

Forever A Boss: A Burgh Love Story


Hale retired from the drug game with a surplus of cash and no enemies. He returns home to Pittsburgh to put his little brother on the right path. His mother’s only wish is for her sons to be safe. He runs into a smart mouthed Ginger and starts to think that a committed relationship isn’t a bad idea. Hale has baggage and family drama that sends her in the other direction. When tragedy strikes close to home and secrets are revealed, his world is shattered. His past attachments create troubles for his new romance. Hale must ask himself, is blood truly thicker than water? Will they weather the storm that has encircled the bond they built or will she run from love?