"Karissa Raiyne is a 28 year old mother of 4. Born and raised in Greenville SC she has always had a passion for reading. In her sophomore year of high school, she started writing and has been letting her creativity flow since then. One Instagram post and a 7 book series later and Karissa was ready to take her passion for reading and writing to new levels. She hopes to provide an amazing journey full of laughs, tears, and undeniable love."

Author's books

The Connect Captured My Soul 2


Hendrix showed up to surprise Kenzie on Christmas, but the surprise is on him when he finds her coming down the steps with her ex. He’s furious, in his mind Kenzie is his and he damn sure doesn’t like to share. He wants to get past the incident but when Norielle pops back up on some bull shit can Hendrix get a handle on everything that’s going on in his life or will he give up and throw in the towel.

The Connect Captured My Soul


When Ice steps down and hands the throne over to Mack everyone already knows that things will be lead with an iron fist. Only being seen to members of The Ten, legend has it that Mack is ruthless, and doesn’t give second chances. If you see Mack, understand that the Grim Reaper has made an appearance. But what happens when Mack meets someone who could possibly knock them off their square. What happens when a drunk one night stand leads to thoughts of can one night lead to something permanent? With Mack distracted will enemies lurking be able to take Ice’s protégée down or will Mack prove to be everything the streets say he is.

I Used to be A Good Girl, Now I’m His Savage


Nova Symone Lawson is twenty-five and should be out living her best life, but instead, she’s being held captive in an abusive relationship with a man who has put her down so much that she won’t even ask the most powerful people she knows for help.
Gianna Sophia Esposito is her best friend, but the two were raised like sisters. Gianna has never experienced love due to who her family is. So, when it’s finally in her face, she does everything in her power to not fall for the dangerously sexy man trying to work his way into her life.

When A Boss Holds Your Heart Hostage


Kamalei, Bria, and Ariel have been best friends since they were ten. They’re friendship has been tested but their bond proved to be stronger than ever. What happens when one of their lives is placed in danger by someone who’s supposed to love her no matter what? What happens when these three fall for three bosses who vow to do whatever to protect them? Will their friendship still prove to be stronger than anything that could come against them? Or will the pressure of things crumbling around them shatter everything?

If I Don’t Have You: Fighting for A Hustlers Love


“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”

Kassie, and Alexia are two sisters who could not be closer. Being the parents of a free spirit and a boss they swore to each other to always be there. Kassie has been in love with Dante for five years. But when she catches him doing the unthinkable she chooses herself and walks away. Alexia has been in love with Jay since the moment they laid eyes on each other, but when he died it ripped her heart out of her chest. However when she relocates to a new city someone from her past shares some valuable information that flips her world upside down. To top it off they’re both hiding something from the ones they love that could change the game forever. Needing each other more than ever do they have what it takes to make it through the unforeseen storm that is coming their way.