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Kaya & Cree 2: A Love So Forbidden


They say more money, more problems, and it’s true. With the money coming in heavy for Cree, he is enjoying the fruits of his labor. Everything is working perfectly on the business end, but his personal life is taking a toll on him. Unable to deny his ever growing feelings for Kaya, he continued to dip in the forbidden pot, while trying to hold together his relationship with the love of his life.

Everything Her Heart Needed 3


When Paige’s big secret is revealed, she is left to pick up the pieces of her life, wondering if the love she thought she found will be snatched from her. Not knowing how Ross is going to take the news, she fights to keep her relationship in tact but fears that he won’t be able to handle the drama that her life contains.

Everything Her Heart Needed 2


Unsure of the direction her life is headed, Paige clings to the people who have had her back, thinking that her life is finally getting back on track, only to be handed a tragedy that knocks her off her feet. With a new baby, she tries to keep her head on straight, but she doesn’t know how to recover from the blows that Liam is delivering.

Everything Her Heart Needed


What do you do when love doesn’t love you anymore? What happens when the man you gave your life to turns his back on you?
When Paige’s life takes an unexpected turn all in one day, she is faced with mixed emotions. Unsure of how to go forward, she falls into the arms of a man that she never would have looked twice at.

Something About His Southern Hood Love 3


After everything that they have been through, Mason and Sonji just can’t catch a break. After labor and delivery sends her into a coma, Mason is left to take care of his baby on his own while trying to be present for Sonji. Mason doesn’t know the first thing about babies, but with help from his loved ones, he manages to keep things together, but everyone is starting to worry. Is Mason losing his grasp on reality as he sits and slowly dies waiting by Sonji’s side?

Something About His Southern Hood Love 2


After Mason is shot, everyone’s world is turned upside down. Mack and Nick are ready to tear the city apart looking for Gas vowing to finally finish him off for good. But that’s not the only drama headed Mack’s way. When his past comes blasting its way back into his life, will he be able to keep his head on straight or will he succumb to temptation and ruin everything that he and Ranae have built?

Something About His Southern Hood Love


Ranae has one thing on her mind…finish school and make a name for herself. Trying to secure her bag and keep her head on straight, she isn’t ready when Mack walks into her life and refuses to leave. Even though she tells him she doesn’t have time for him, she knows that he is just too tempting to stay away from. He is everything that she needs to avoid but his chocolate skin, long dreads, and smooth may be too much for her to resist. Will Ranae be able to keep her head on straight or will Mack make himself comfortable in her life?