"Shanyce is a 21 year old from Georgia. She began writing at the age of 12. She would often write stories about her friends and how she imagined their lives to be in the future. As she matured she began to write poems of the things that she had endured or experienced first hand. It wasn’t until she reached a dark place in her life that she realized the only thing that brought her joy was writing. That is the moment she birthed her first book; “ Ridin’ Til the End: Jaheem & Felicity”."

Author's books

Caught Up In Your Love


For as long as Janiyah could remember journalism was what she wanted to do with her life and following that passion brought her to one of the best schools the state had to offer… but due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances she was forced to return home. Luckily for Janiyah that was when her passion for hair was ignited and despite making a social media presence worth noting she found herself chasing a license that landed her right in the salon of her nemesis.

Ridin’ Til The End: Jaheem & Felicity


Felicity was determined to not let her downfalls dictate her future. Unlike most she made something of herself by becoming and Labor and Delivery nurse at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Her career is going well and she is drama free for the most part. That is until she runs into her high school best friend/crush and his wife, whose twins she has to help deliver.
Jaheem was once the ultimate playboy throughout high school. He hasn’t had an easy life by any means, yet he has managed to turn it around. He’s now married and they have two babies on the way. The only thing is he doesn’t love her, he is still in love with his high school best friend; Felicity.
Somehow Felicity and Jaheem find their way back to each other; not without the baby mama drama, psychotic exes, lies, and deceit.