"This is Miss Shona Nesmith, who resides in a small country town called Baxley, Ga. There she is raising fives kids on her own and is doing what it takes to keep them happy. She is a Libra who is 34 years of age and ever since she could remember she has always been a big fan of reading. Her passion for reading became so great that she made up in her mind that she wanted to be heard in the author world and make a name for herself. Thanks to the lovely Mrs. K.C. Mills who believes in her craft and decided to take a chance on her. Get ready to read some heat because the fire she has in her desire to write is gonna help her break them charts."

Author's books

Loving My California Hitta


When you have been deceived by love the first time around, it’s hard to love the same. Keisha Shaw puts a guard around her heart and do what she has to do to take care of her three year old son. The twenty-five year old goes to school by day and is an exotic dancer by night. When a club regular by the name of Rome Jackson catches her eye her heart skips a beat every time their eyes connects. Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching it wouldn’t hurt to have a date to go along with her chocolate candy. When the two finally get the chance to formally meet and greet will she still feel the same once she finds out his true intentions?

Drippin’ Off His Love


Meet Rayvenna Adams or as the world calls her Ray. A 19 year old tom boy at heart who is just trying to find her right path in life. With a father lost to the prison system and a mother who best friend is a crack pipe, her brother Tron Adams is the only family she has left. She always warned her brother that the streets didn’t love nobody and he needed to rethink his life choices before the streets swallowed him up whole. So when trouble starts brewing and bullets start flying landing Tron in the hospital, will she be able to keep a leveled head. Or will she have the courage to face the enemy by herself?