"Born and raised in the 757 area of Virgina, Sidni B is a creative that wants nothing more than to leave her mark on the world through the art of story-telling and creating a place for people to escape. Her love for writing came at an early age, though for a number of years she was hesitant to open up and share her gift to the world. With a not so gentle push from her husband, she finally took the leap into the writing industry and hasn’t looked back since. Sidni’s goal is to touch as many readers as she can with her books, and to create a bond between her characters and readers. Thanks to her older sister, she is a historical romance fanatic and hopes to branch out and tap into as many different genres as she can before retiring her pen. "

Author's books

Never But Forever 2


After the bomb Kayson drops on him, Quentin is at a loss and has no idea where to pick up the pieces. With Kaelyn out of commission, it seems as if he has to wait for the answers that he so desperately wants. His life changes within the blink of an eye, landing him with the type of responsibility he never thought possible.

Never But Forever


When Quentin and Kaelyn agree to take their friendship to another level, they vow not to let it change anything between them. When one of them breaks that promise, the other is left broken and alone while struggling to put the shattered pieces of their life back together.
Four years later, an unexpected event lands them back into one another’s space and forces them to realize that all they needed to help heal their individual wounds was each other.
Just when it looks like things might get back on track, a devastating secret comes out, threatening to tear apart their friendship forever.

An Unlawful Love Story 3: Arin and Ryleigh


In the finale, lies are brought to light and secrets are revealed as everyone’s lives collide devastatingly. With so many enemies hell-bent on destroying what used to be a solid group of friends, they realize to stay ahead of the drama they have to rely on one another.

New dangers surface, bonds are tested, old faces reappear, and a new love might be on the horizon as this family faces their demons head-on, prepared to fight until the finish.

An Unlawful Love Story 2: Arin and Ryleigh


As Nic’s life hangs in the balance, Jeremy works overtime to try and find out who put him there. When all roads lead to their estranged mother, Jeremy realizes he has to face his past head on in order to get revenge for his brother and tackle the demons keeping him from giving his all to Alyxandra.

The Art of Fallin’ For A Dope Boy

After years of harboring a secret crush, Gabriella finally got what she wanted and found herself wrapped up in Hendric, the man who’s had her heart since high school. She quickly learns to be careful what you wish for and that everything she wants, isn’t good for her. When a new man swoops into her life, she’s forced to decide whether to follow her heart or start over with someone willing to give her everything the man she loves won’t.

In Luv With The King Of The Streets 3

With Lorenzo and Dajon’s secrets both out in the open, Eden is faced with a tough decision that could result in deadly consequences. Following her heart may cost her the man that she loves but listening to her father lands in her a world without Lorenzo, which is the last thing she wants. When a family secret is unburied, linking Eden’s father to Lorenzo—light is finally shed and the answer to the one question that’s been plaguing everyone’s mind is revealed. What does Dajon have against Lorenzo?

An Unlawful Love Story: Arin and Ryleigh


Arin and Ryleigh come from two different sides of the track. A descendant of a prominent and wealthy family, Arin’s life has been planned down to the tee. A coincidental encounter with the mysterious hazel-eyed beauty that crashes one of his father’s affluent parties sends everything he thought he knew into a twisted love story built on secrets and lies.

The Art Of Fallin’ For A Dope Boy 3

With their future already up in the air, Gabriella and Hendric barely had time to absorb the news about them becoming parents before disaster struck again. Armed with information thanks to Maurice, Rex not only gets his hands on Gabby, but Lauren and Kiyanne as well. With time running against them Hendric and Shameek work overtime to find and rescue the girls before it’s too late.

Ridin For A Savage 2


Faced with the consequences of her actions, Raquel finds herself in a situation that might alter the course of her life altogether. On top of her legal issues, she’s forced to watch another woman parade around with the man she loves. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, an expected situation forces her and Brehon back together again. Can they get it right, or will Brehon stick to his decision to ride off into the sunset with Mih

Ridin’ For A Savage


Raquel Dunn lives her life in the fast lane, literally. Between her budding career and the relationship she thinks she’s rekindling with her ex, Jupiter, Raquel is convinced that she has it all figured out until a blast from the past pops up and flips her life upside down in a major way.

In Luv With The King Of The Streets 2


An impulsive decision on Zo’s part leaves Eden’s life hanging in the balance, along with the question of who’s responsible for the shooting in the first place. The boys find themselves in yet another predicament outside of their control as Eden’s father is sure to be out for blood and revenge for what happened to his baby girl, and the first person he’s likely to come searching for, is Lorenzo.

In Luv With The King Of The Streets


Lorenzo, Syrani, and Khiari have graduated from best friends playing in the sandbox to the top of the food chain in the streets. Together, they have everything they’ve ever dreamed of, but things quickly begin to spiral outside of their control when Khiari takes it upon himself to make a decision that affects them all.