Too Hood For You


The handsome and complicated man known in the streets as Horatio “Heavy” Wright has always be a calculated thinker. It was required in order to survive in his world. Raised to be man that handled business at all times, Heavy is the type to always take care of his responsibilities, no matter how unplanned they are. The only question is can he split himself and his time equally so that no one thing or person gets neglected? Will he be able to juggle the new responsibilities that life is throwing his way without shorting those that matter the most in his world?

The Right Kinda Hood 2


East has found himself in the last place he ever thought he would end up. Jail was never a factor when he considered his future, but an unfortunate connection has cost him in a major way.
Joi learns that one slip in judgment can cost more than she ever imagined and to make matters worse, she’s not the one who is suffering the consequences. Regret kicks in and Joi has to figure out a way to rectify her bad decision which could potentially cost Joi, a love she didn’t feel existed.
After losing three years of his life, Vega is maturing but there are some things or rather some people that are challenging his patience, however he has no doubt in his mind that Nyelle is well worth anything he has to deal with to secure their future.
Nyelle just wants to move one with her life but unfortunately, her ex is refusing to allow a smooth transition. She can either give up and make peace that happiness is not meant for everyone or she can fight for something real.
Sometimes The Right Kinda Hood brings out the worst kinda problems but nothing worth having comes without a challenge.

The Right Kinda Hood


Eastland Joseph better known as “East” to anyone outside of family, has the respect of the streets and the knowledge of a kingpin. His past life experiences have made him the man he is today. It was never glamorous but it was necessary. Forced to be the man of the house at a young age, East has always handled business and family before anything. Settling down with one woman, has never fit into the hierarchy of his needs.

Just Say You Will


Kenyon Porter seemingly has it all; money, power, status, and respect. However, having it all is a matter of opinion. Due to family baggage, Kenyon has lived his life in the fast lane, where money and status have allowed him to live without regret. What happens when a thunderous storm of expectations and need filters its way into his life and causes him to reconsider if he really does have it all.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone 2


Misson Alexander is not the type of man who can be told what to do, but when he finds himself faced with the decision to kill or be killed, he only has seconds to react. It’s no longer about him; it’s about the ones he has willingly and unwillingly given his heart to.